Daniel Kadisha

Daniel Kadisha

Daniel Kadisha is an entrepreneur and investor who co-founded Omninet Capital LLC. He serves as both CEO and Managing Partner at this firm as well as serving on LA Family Housing’s board and being part of Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din.

As Roshah (leader) of her synagogue’s Chevrah Kadisha and Gamliel Institute graduate and faculty member, she regularly speaks about Jewish practices surrounding death and dying at Limmud Bay Area, Green Burial Council conferences, congregational services, Realize Paradise Soul Journeys and New Moon Union Rosh Chodesh Circles.

Early Life and Education

Neil Kadisha is an American businessman. He co-founded and served as CEO of Omninet Corp. He also owns shares in Qualcomm Inc. He attended Manchester University in England before coming to America.

Edna is a Registered Nurse with 46 years of professional and volunteer experience in nursing, community education and development, senior housing management, and senior housing management. Since she arrived in the area in 1989, Edna has attended every service, study session, va’ad meeting, High Holy Day planning meeting, Jewish Healing Center event and Pride parade without fail.

She serves as female chair for her synagogue’s Chevrah Kadisha, is a graduate and instructor of Gamliel Institute, has taught classes about Jewish practices at end-of-life at her own congregation, Limmud Bay Area, Kavod v’Nichum as well as leading trainings for other Chevrah Kadisha groups throughout the US.

Professional Career

He teaches Internal Family Systems therapy as well as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai training, in addition to being recognized for his contributions in psychology.

She is an active member of her synagogue’s Chevrah Kadisha and has lectured on Jewish practices around death and dying at Limmud and other events. Additionally, she graduated from Gamliel Institute’s training programs and led local training sessions for Chevrah Kadisha groups across the US.

Navah serves as the leader of her congregation’s Chevra Kadisha and was previously president of PSJC, having presented at conferences and community gatherings, while volunteering at Vacaville State Prison. She values the warm relationships she has made through PSJC.

Achievement and Honors

Pittsburgh Jewish communities have long relied upon chevra kadishas – groups dedicated to the preparation of bodies for burial – as part of their Jewish burial traditions. Last week, members from two chevra kadishas–Shaare Torah Congregation’s Rabbi Daniel Wasserman and Stefanie Small from New Community Chevra Kadisha–shared their work at a program hosted by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh. Both Rabbi Daniel Wasserman of Shaare Torah Congregation Rabbi Daniel Wasserman joined Stefanie Small from New Community Chevra Kadisha for this presentation at their respective organizations’ panels!

Rick serves as men’s chair of his congregation’s chevrah kadisha and has published several books on Jewish spiritual development, such as Nichum Aveilim: A Guide for Comforters. Additionally, he serves as senior instructor at Gamliel Institute as well as leading local trainings.

Jean has extensive experience providing end-of-life care. She holds a Gamliel Certificate and sits on the Board of Directors of Kavod v’Nichum; in addition, she runs a Ladies Chevrah Kadisha in Portland Maine as well as providing workshops to hospice volunteers and serving on Peaks Island Ukulele Ensemble’s board of Directors.

Personal Life

Daniel Kadisha grew up in Pittsburgh and understands the significance of Jewish community efforts to care for its dead. Two such organizations that perform this “holy work” are Gesher Hachaim Jewish Burial Society and New Community Chevra Kadisha of Greater Pittsburgh; representatives of each were present during a March 10 program at the Jewish Community Center to discuss its role here.

Omninet Capital LLC was co-founded and managed by Kadisha as its managing partner, specialising in wireless communication, private equity and real estate investments. Kadisha built several projects throughout Los Angeles, California and Arizona during his time there; his hobbies include playing golf and reading in his free time. Kadisha currently has two children under his care as well as an estimated net worth of over $65 Million as an American Citizen.

Net Worth

Kadisha boasts a net worth of over $600 Million. He has invested in wireless communication, real estate and private equity companies as well as Omninet Capital LLC which he co-founded and serves as CEO. Omninet Capital’s construction projects can be found throughout Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas with projects built by Omninet Capital as an Executive Producer on this romantic comedy film by director Griffin Dunne titled The Accidental Husband (2008) being among its accomplishments.

Kadisha is an Iranian-born American businessman and investor, having studied at Tehran’s Isfahan University of Commerce before receiving a bachelor’s degree from Manchester University in England. After marrying into the well-to-do Nazarian family – which immigrated to America following the Iranian Revolution – he married into its ranks.

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