Daniel Lauretta

Daniel Lauretta

Daniel Lauretta is an American scientist and Regents Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Arizona. He serves as Principal Investigator of OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission, one of America’s premier missions to explore potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids and bring back samples for detailed scientific study.

Long before it became fashionable to do so, he campaigned tirelessly against smoking. He amassed anti-smoking quotes from Luther Burbank, Herbert Hoover, Thomas Edison and famous sports figures such as Knute Rockne and Ty Cobb in his campaigns against smoking.

Early Life and Education

Lauretta was born May 1, 1929 in Dolphin, Virginia and attended Virginia Morgan Russell Primary School and James Solomon Russell High School in Lawrenceville. As an intelligent child she used her knowledge and abilities to help others around her.

She discovered her talent for singing and acting during her childhood years. Additionally, she took up sewing as a passion – crafting baby blessing outfits, crocheted blankets and baptism dresses for family members in need.

In her late teens, Lauretta married Daniel H. Kress and moved to Michigan. While volunteering at Battle Creek Sanitarium, Dr. John H. Kellogg noticed her dedication and organizational skills; as a result, he encouraged both Lauretta and Daniel to attend University of Michigan Medical School together and set up residence at 705 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Park Maryland.

Professional Career

Daniel has performed in a wide array of musical genres, from solo piano performances to orchestral pieces and youth theater productions such as Rivers for Everyone: An event dedicated to aquatic environments as its focus.

Mr. Lee teaches music and performs regularly at the Bach Festival Society of Winter Park where he plays violin and mandolin. Additionally, he has appeared as a featured soloist in oratorio and opera performances such as Felice in benton Hess’s Felice, Tenor Priest in Mozart’s Magic Flute and Ferrando in Cosi fan tutte.

He currently practices employment and commercial litigation at Felhaber Larson in Minnesota. While at the University of Minnesota Law School he served as Assistant Editor on the law review as well as being appointed as a judicial extern to Honorable Michael J. Davis of the U.S. District Court for Minnesota.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel has earned numerous honors throughout his professional career, such as fellowship from Florida’s Division of Cultural Affairs, 2002 Nier Prize from Meteoritical Society and Antarctic Service Medal from United States government. Additionally he was chosen as Kavli Fellow of National Academy of Sciences as part of NASA OSIRIS-REx mission team.

He holds a master’s degree in music performance and pedagogy and has performed on various stringed instruments throughout his professional career, writing music for theater productions as well as films. Additionally, he serves on Rollins College’s music faculty teaching theory, composition and mandolin lessons while being part of their Concertos by Candlelight program.

Personal Life

Lauretta was an amazing daughter, wife, mother, aunt and grandmother adored by all members of her family – especially 18 nieces and nephews who affectionately called themselves the Moonbeams.

Daniel Hartman Cress (later changed to Kress), her Baptist husband, became Adventist through personal Bible study which led him to accept Sabbath-keeping beliefs and dietary restrictions of local Adventists. They eventually went on to become medical missionaries themselves and opened both London’s first Seventh-day Adventist hospital as well as Australia’s Sydney Sanitarium Sanatorium for Adventist patients.

On the lecture circuit, he denounced smoking and spoke out against defiling God’s temple – his body. To back his arguments he amassed quotes from notable individuals such as Luther Burbank, Herbert Hoover and Thomas Edison as well as Knute Rockne, Ty Cobb and Red Grange as anti-smoking figures.

Net Worth

Lauretta kept her personal and romantic lives confidential while remaining close with family in the US.

However, Lauretta did not stop there and went on to create “AfricaFirst”, an organization dedicated to helping African youth achieve excellence in education and life.

Lauretta has amassed an estimated net worth between $ 1-5 Million due to her hard work and dedication, keeping it safe in an undisclosed account. For more details about her wealth, salary, lifestyle and cars please click the link below and stay tuned – as this page will be frequently updated! Thank you!

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