Daniel Leffler

Daniel Leffler – General Contractor in San Francisco

Daniel Leffler has over 14 years of experience redeveloping homes and condos in San Francisco as a general contractor, managing architectural design, development logistics and construction for his projects.

Leffler serves as Director of Research at The Celiac Center at BIDMC and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Recently he shared his insights with GI & Hepatology News.

Early Life and Education

Dan Leffler was born June 11, 1964 in Takoma Park Maryland (a suburb of Washington DC) and became interested in music and recording early when he purchased two mono open reel recorders. Although initially unaware of multitrack recording technology, he quickly adapted and began recording himself using these devices.

At University of Maryland, he launched his own franchise house painting business by employing college students during summer breaks to paint homes. This experience provided valuable marketing, management and financial skills.

While at BIDMC, he displayed remarkable productivity and commitment to clinical and translational celiac disease research. Drs. Ciaran Kelly and Detlef Schuppan, two internationally recognized leaders in celiac disease research, were his primary mentors.

Professional Career

While studying Business Marketing at the University of Maryland, Dan established a franchise house painting business employing college students during summer vacation. He combined his business knowledge and home remodeling experience into Takoma Carpentry & Remodeling which opened for business in 1997.

After moving to Nashville, he quickly joined legendary producer/engineers like Richard Dodd (George Harrison, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison) and Peter Coleman (Blondie, Pat Benatar and The Knack). From them he gained recording techniques as well as nearly sixty years’ of knowledge that has been passed along from them.

He specializes in complex securities litigation and represents issuers and individuals in internal corporate investigations, representing issuers and individuals during more than a dozen alleged class action securities fraud proceedings. Additionally, he is widely recognized as an authority on celiac disease; authoring Real Life with Celiac Disease: Troubleshooting and Thriving Gluten Free as one of his books.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Leffler was an avid reader with an impressive grasp of history. He particularly loved traveling (particularly Maine), fishing, music theater and horse racing. Daniel was an active member of Baxter Springs United Methodist Church as well as enjoying coffee gatherings with family and friends.

Leffler was known for his extensive representation of those injured due to negligence or accidents. He successfully tried or arbitrated hundreds of cases. Leffler is also a member of both The Wisconsin State Bar Association and Racine Bar Association.

20 students across three Colleges at UCF–Arts & Sciences, Liberal & Professional Studies, and graduate division–were honored with being named 2023 Dean’s Scholars for their academic excellence and intellectual promise. Ryan Hynd was honored with receiving an American Mathematical Society Claytor-Gilmer Fellowship to encourage excellence in research while expanding participation by Black mathematicians.

Personal Life

Daniel Leffler is married to his high school sweetheart and has two children. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family; reading books and listening to music; as well as participating in sports activities including being an avid supporter of Washington Redskins and Boston Celtics teams.

Takoma Carpentry & Remodelling moved their operation from Maryland to San Francisco in 2011 where they performed architectural design, development logistics and construction of a four unit house at 534 Shotwell Street. Leffler gained experience working on short term rentals for the first time ever; dealing with local organizations was new territory requiring constant adjustment and evaluation of his permits and dealing skills.

Dr. Daniel Leffler is a Gastroenterology specialist practicing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Gastroenterology Division and affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. He accepts multiple insurance plans.

Net Worth

Daniel Leffler began a franchise home painting business while attending University of Maryland, employing college students as paint assistants during summer vacation. From this experience came an understanding of residential construction industry which combined with his business marketing background enabled him to form Takoma Carpentry & Remodeling.

Robert regularly trades around 28,000 units of HC2 Inc stock each day on average and has sold 20,000 of these shares worth over $100,000 since 10 November 2017.

This four-unit historic resource has significant architectural value located on a tight lot in SOMA District. Since purchase to rental use has been accomplished using energy efficient and sustainable building practices with new foundation work being added for further rental units.

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