Daniel Meshbesher

The Wedding of Daniel Meshbesher

The groom is an attorney at Meshbesher Spence law firm in Minneapolis and earned both his undergraduate and law degrees at University of Minnesota with honors, respectively. George Washington University awarded him their juris doctor degree.

Dan is a highly experienced trial attorney, having presented over 80 cases to juries. His specialty lies in workers’ compensation and personal injury law claims.

Professional Career

Meshbesher left an indelible mark on nearly everyone who knew him, whether in courtroom practice or outside it. Pamela Spaulding of Meshbesher & Spence recalls Meshbesher’s ability to convince even tough juries. She added that he always treated clients with dignity and respect – while his sense of humor made for great memories for her as a lawyer colleague. Gus Nicklow remembered Meshbesher going above and beyond for clients, including meeting needs related to Minnesota criminal defense bar standards while being an advocate for justice as an esteemed community member he cared deeply for clients until his final battle in career fought hard on their cases until its conclusion.

Personal Life

Meshbesher had an extraordinary legal career that saw him try 45 felony cases with an impressive 92% conviction rate and was widely acknowledged as Minnesota’s premier defense attorney, appearing in television commercials promoting his firm.

Meshbesher helped clients recover millions in workers’ comp and personal injury claims during his years with the firm, with his charming personality and superior courtroom skills making him a firm favorite.

Meshbesher Spence, Ltd. continues his legacy at Meshbesher Spence where both of Meshbesher’s siblings now practice law, offering injured workers and their families legal help for workers’ compensation and personal injury law claims. Many employees remember him fondly for always having time for a laugh. Furthermore, he created an environment of respect and integrity at the firm he helped found – Meshbesher’s legacy lives on as his brother and son practice here today.

Net Worth

Meshbesher has an estimated net worth of over $1 Million and currently works as the head of Meshbesher Law Firm – a legal company located in Minnesota where he has been employed since 2001, according to ZoomInfo.

Meshbesher & Spence is an established workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm in Minnesota, focused on advocating on behalf of injured people and their family members who have been wronged. Over time they have successfully recovered millions in compensation for accident victims filing workers’ comp claims or grieving loved ones who died without fault on their part – all while upholding an excellent reputation within the industry.

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