Daniel Milburn

Daniel Milburn – A Man Who Enjoyed Life

Daniel Milburn lived life to its fullest, from living in various California cities to camping trips across Colorado. Eventually settling down in Pagosa Springs he quickly became known in his community for the many construction projects that improved it as well as enjoying travel and social interaction with family and friends.

Early Life and Education

Milburn was raised in Torrance, California. He attended schools in Torrance, Carson and Harbor City before graduating high school at Carson in 2002. Camping and fishing trips with family and friends soon became one of his passions; which would remain with him throughout his life until his passing on January 13, 2019. He will be deeply missed.

Achievement and Honors

Milburn earned All-Australian and Premiership glory with Geelong Football Club before serving as assistant coach with Adelaide Football Club from 2012-15.

At Millburn High School, he excelled as a swimmer and received multiple accolades, such as winning the Cornell University Book Award (which recognizes students who best exemplify Cornell’s characteristics through academic work and extracurricular involvement) and earning both Yale Club of Central New Jersey’s Joseph I. Bookstaber Book Award as well as Oberlin College Book Awards.

NKU held its annual Faculty and Staff Awards ceremony to recognize employees that had either been promoted or retired from service, giving Milburn an award clock in recognition of his service; his name will also be immortalized on NKU’s Alumni Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

Daniel Harold Milburn was arrested and imprisoned in November 2018 for setting multiple fires that put the lives of others at risk – residents in care homes as well as young families living nearby – before going missing from HMP Kirkham, in Lancashire less than one month into his sentence.

Jaclyn and Allie were enjoying a girls night out in Charlotte when Tony and Daniel – two men named Tony with beardy good looks – stopped at their table to chat. Jaclyn immediately noticed Daniel’s good looks and scruffy beard; she knew it would be important for them to connect. She felt drawn towards Daniel right away and decided she needed to talk with him more.

Colleen testified that Danny has shown more interest in their sons than in their daughter and has made disparaging remarks against her in front of them.

Net Worth

Milburn Stone was born on July 5, 1904 in Burrton, Kansas USA and rose to fame as “Doc” on the CBS Western series Gunsmoke.

He kept an active diary, making for intriguing reading. One entry from 1940 reads ‘There seems to be an overall sense of calm throughout – the roads are quiet, and it seems as though everything is asleep’.

Milburn eventually turned his attention to business ventures, founding AM Strategy as a consulting firm that capitalized on his knowledge and contacts gleaned during his health secretary tenure. Through AM Strategy he earned substantial income; owning two homes: one in London and a detached residence in North East.

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