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A Former Employee of the Children’s Museum of Brownsville Pleads Guilty to Possessing Child Pornography

Daniel Molstad, 19, appeared in court Thursday to face charges of conspiring to obtain marijuana. He was arrested shortly after Tina Shepard was picked up by authorities for questioning in Warroad, Minnesota.

Molstad was working at the Children’s Museum of Brownsville at the time of his arrest and issued a statement assuring parents that nothing had occurred there.

Early Life and Education

Molstad made his court appearance Thursday only 48 hours after investigators arrested him on charges of conspiring to obtain marijuana, which the criminal complaint alleges would take place between Roseau and Pennington counties with plans to acquire it in Thief River Falls.

After his arrest, the museum issued a statement assuring parents that nothing happened at its Brownsville museum and that authorities have assured it that no staff member of their institution were involved with any potential illegal activities that might have taken place there.

On February 27, while five burglary charges remained outstanding against him in two counties, the state presented his counsel with a plea bargain offer from them that offered to dismiss two burglary counts and recommend ten to twelve year prison sentence if accepted. Molstad allowed Watson time to consider accepting this plea until April 3 hearing when Molstad informed her he would not accept.

Professional Career

Daniel Molstad, 26, who previously worked at the Children’s Museum of Brownsville has been sentenced to 84 months in prison for possessing child pornography. Federal authorities arrested Molstad in January and found he had downloaded multiple images of child pornography onto his cellphone according to an arrest report and criminal complaint filed against him.

According to court documents, he used the Telegram app to distribute videos containing child pornography to others. Prosecutors stated in their case that he admitted downloading child pornography from online chat groups for two years.

Molstad claimed Watson acted improperly in representing him by failing to inform him the State’s initial offer of plea bargain would not remain open indefinitely, yet the trial court denied relief, prompting this appeal.

Personal Life

Former Children’s Museum of Brownsville employee Daniel Molstad has entered a guilty plea in federal court documents for possessing child pornography. During an interview with investigators, Molstad admitted receiving, distributing and possessing such material.

Molstad used Telegram to distribute videos that showed children engaging in sexual acts. Following Molstad’s arrest, Brownsville Museum Director issued a statement assuring parents that no inappropriate activities had taken place at its facility.

Rogalla reported that no charges have yet been brought in Shepard’s death or an alleged drug conspiracy and that investigation remains active. Molstad is being detained as a person of interest until bail can be set;

Net Worth

Daniel Molstad is an uber wealthy individual with an estimated net worth of over $200,000. A serial entrepreneur, Daniel has established multiple businesses over his long and distinguished career and worked as both an investment banker and venture capitalist.

Molstad confessed during his interview with federal agents to receiving and distributing child pornography as well as possessing it, according to court documents. Additionally, he downloaded such material onto his phone using Telegram app before sharing videos using Facebook Live and Telegram. At the time of his arrest he worked at Children’s Museum of Brownsville; following his arrest the museum director issued a statement assuring parents that no illegality had taken place within its walls.

Molstad was arrested in January and plead guilty to federal charges on August 11. His sentencing date is set for Nov 16th.

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