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Dan Monaghan – Classical Guitar Performer and Music Educator

Dan Monaghan is a classical guitar performer and music educator currently living in Southern California. Recently he visited Guitar Systems International to record his first video shoot here at our showroom.

Here, he performs and records “Torija,” from Leo Brouwer’s suite El Decameron Negro (The Black Decameron). This piece was recorded using a Simon Ambridge SP/CSAR.

Early Life and Education

Dan Monaghan has been an entrepreneur since he was in his early teens, founding and growing multiple franchise companies as well as co-founding Make Child Poverty History non-profit organization.

He is a Roman Catholic and strongly committed to pro-life issues, having founded and funded various Catholic organizations and educational establishments. Additionally, he advocates daily Mass attendance, daily Rosary recital and frequent confession.

Monaghan is not only known for his acting work but is also an accomplished musician, playing guitar and recording classical pieces for classical albums and musical theatre productions. Furthermore, Monaghan is an admirer of architect Frank Lloyd Wright; Domino’s headquarters in Ann Arbor Township Michigan even mirrors Wright’s Prairie School style reminiscent of Wright. Furthermore he has acquired artifacts related to Wright.

Professional Career

Dan Monaghan began his professional journey early, founding a Dickie Dee ice cream bicycle franchise at just 19 years old. Following its successful launch, his success inspired him to establish Clear Summit Group (CSG), one of the largest digital marketing agency networks worldwide.

Greear Kramer Monaghan PS’s shareholder Patrick Monaghan brings over 25 years of experience to tax compliance, consulting, research, estate and trust planning for businesses and high net worth individuals alike. He specializes in serving manufacturing companies, professional service firms, breweries and wineries as well as high net worth individuals.

Monaghan has earned his stripes as a passionate jazz drummer, playing alongside some of the finest names in contemporary jazz. He has performed in clubs all across the US and abroad and recorded on numerous labels.

Achievement and Honors

Monaghan’s dedication to the Church quickly overtook his work at Domino’s. He put all his energy and resources into building Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti, Michigan as his goal was to establish an institution which taught Catholic doctrine while training lawyers who could then dedicate themselves further in service of the Church.

He established a law school on campus. To ensure his schools stayed faithful to Catholic doctrine, he formed a board to oversee them; his experience taught him that having an agreeable board was key for success.

He saw liberation theology as an existential threat to Christianity and established a network in Central America to combat it. Additionally, he warned of abortion and gay marriage being among the primary threats to faith today.

Personal Life

Daniel Monaghan is an accomplished entrepreneur and best-selling author. His ventures include owning a Dickie Dee franchise in Canada as well as founding an Internet marketing company at 27. He has written multiple books on business and personal growth topics.

Dan is an accomplished guitarist. Recently he visited GSI for his debut video shoot at our showroom and performed “El Decameron Negro,” written by Leo Brouwer to commemorate Giovanni Boccaccio’s 1910 collection of African folktales. You can hear Dan play this piece below in our showroom video!

Dan is proud of his family, having married Carol and having Lauren as his stepson. He attends St. Brendan Church in North Olmsted, Ohio where he serves on their parish council.

Net Worth

Dan Monaghan is a partner at Greear Kramer Monaghan PS and specializes in tax compliance, consulting and research for manufacturing companies, professional service firms, beer/wine/spirits distributors/distilleries as well as estates/trusts. Additionally he provides high net worth individuals with advice and planning regarding personal taxes returns and planning.

At an early age, he entered business by opening up the Dickie Dee ice cream franchise and hiring children to pedal ice cream bicycles around town for him. Profits from this early venture helped finance his university studies.

Since then, he has founded numerous Catholic organizations and educational establishments, supporting Priests for Life as an anti-abortion group; contributing to Ave Maria College development; as well as commissioning an orchestral mass in Mary’s name to showcase his commitment to pro-life causes.

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