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Dan Oakley – Executive in Entertainment and Culture Strategy at United Talent Agency

Daniel Oakley serves as Executive in Entertainment & Culture Strategy at United Talent Agency. His experience includes roles at Route, Spotify, Apple Music and Beats Music.

Oakley acknowledges his understanding that by signing this release and waiver agreement he is relinquishing any claims against BASi arising out of or related to his employment with them, as well as having had access to legal advice in this matter.

Early Life and Education

Dan Oakley brings extensive expertise in music, marketing, strategy and brand partnerships to his work and takes great pride in its creative aspects.

He thrives off of embracing the unknown as part of what motivates his work. He finds excitement in conquering his fears and sharing himself in ways others can connect to or be inspired by.

Phoebe Ann Moses, better known by her nickname Annie Oakley, was born August 13, 1860 in Darke County, Ohio. Throughout her unassuming upbringing she endured hardship; when her father died at six she remarried but soon after divorced leaving Susan with nothing except one son left and being financially impoverished as the family.

Professional Career

Daniel Oakley brings extensive marketing and management experience to their role at United Talent Agency’s Entertainment and Culture Strategy department, having previously founded and served as CEO of BTFL – an innovative marketing agency focused on emerging platforms, creators, and brand partnerships.

He has held several senior roles within the food industry, such as UK Sales Director at Greencore Plc and Managing Director at Puratos. Furthermore, as Global Retail Director he led an multi-channel team in achieving significant year-on-year sales growth.

Early this month, he was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend. Deputies performing a welfare check discovered marks on her neck which indicated she had been choked.

Personal Life

Oakley was known for being both modest and generous. Growing up poor taught her frugal living habits; yet her romantic sensibilities allowed her to shine onstage and in arena performances.

Oakley offered to train a regiment of woman volunteers for use during World War I; unfortunately, her offer was declined.

Oakley Fitzgerald enjoyed an extended relationship with Leah Fitzgerald until her death in 2022. Additionally, Oakley held great affection for animals, often volunteering his services at local dog shelters or making donations to animal welfare charities regularly. Oakley also supported arts initiatives by helping establish BMX racing tracks in Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights and Malibu.

Net Worth

Oakley has found creative ways of earning his living despite his resistance to leading a “normal” life, such as writing books, acting in theatre productions and creating music compositions. The unknown factor of how an audience responds keeps him inspired to keep pushing himself creatively; prioritizing freedom over security as his priority time after time.

Daniel also trades Basis Global Technologies Inc stock. His most recent purchase on 13 September 2019 was valued at over $798 thousand dollars; since 2019, Daniel has made nine trades of BASI shares worth an estimated total of over $12 Million; though this may change depending on a variety of social considerations.

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