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Personal Injury Attorney – Daniel Palumbo

Daniel Palumbo of Fort Washington, Maryland, has over two decades of experience practicing as an attorney specializing in personal injury – general: plaintiff cases.

He was an integral member of CUNYAC baseball community and participated in many charitable and service projects over time. A humble and kind-hearted individual, he delighted in life’s simpler pleasures.

Early Life and Education

Palumbo was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis shortly after his birth and given only 10 years to live. Yet his courage, perseverance and dedication were an inspiration to those around him; he actively participated in both CF and Parkinson’s support communities while offering help and kindness through passion and generosity.

He was an unassuming individual who found joy in simple pleasures of life. He particularly relished spending summer days at the beach with his family, eating bagels and crabbing for food. An animal enthusiast, he also fed birds that visited his house regularly. Always looking to make people laugh he would often crack jokes even during his most trying moments; many nurses, doctors and staff came to treasure him as part of their extended families.

Professional Career

Palumbo has made his mark in various professional fields. As an assistant coach for various colleges in the region and as director of athletics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Furthermore, as head baseball coach of the Bloodhounds he led them to multiple CUNYAC playoff appearances and even one conference championship title!

Palumbo has held various roles within physical education and fitness at his college. Furthermore, he serves as adjunct instructor of physical education and exercise professional at its fitness center. Furthermore, Palumbo is also an active member of Ty Cobb Athletic Association as well as NYC Metro Division Coordinator for Derek Jeter Turn 2 Foundation.

He will always be remembered fondly for his wonderful sense of humor and ability to bring smiles to all those he met along the way.

Achievement and Honors

Palumbo has received multiple honors throughout his career. In 2007, he was recognized with two major accolades. First was John Jay’s Employee of the Year award; second, an AICO Achievement Award; thirdly was his selection as CUNYAC Baseball Coach of the Year, leading his team on their Goodwill Tour trip through Italy.

Palumbo’s academic and professional success are only part of his accomplishments; he remains dedicated to improving local communities. This involvement includes organizing homeless shelters as well as working towards improving public safety in his hometown area.

His passion for teaching and his dedication to UMSOP have made him an indispensable member of their community, inspiring students and helping them find their niche in life. Currently a Professor of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research with over eight years at UMSOP.

Personal Life

Palumbo was an unassuming man who enjoyed life’s small pleasures. He loved spending time with his family and feeding all the local birds; strong and determined in nature, he overcame numerous challenges throughout his lifetime.

John Jay baseball team to its first postseason appearance in eight seasons and earned CUNYAC Coach of the Year honors as a result. Additionally, he directed All-Star Baseball Camp, one of the largest sleep-away camps, as well as owning and operating a summer league organization – and 23 of his college, camp, and summer league players have since signed professional contracts.

He was a dedicated husband and father, left behind by his wife, two daughters and son; as well as many nephews and nieces.

Net Worth

Palumbo previously served as senior vice president at Kodak, before joining Coca-Cola as its marketing chief. Now overseeing an international team dedicated to brand building for an organization with annual sales totalling $20.9 billion and 55,000 employees is his responsibility.

He has also made strides in the fashion industry by investing in various London-based fashion labels such as Oki-Ni and Issa London (worn by Kate Middleton for her engagement day), as well as developing luxury properties like One Blackfriars building.

Palumbo has long been an accomplished musician, fronting both Long Island hardcore punk band XbustedX and New York post-hardcore group Head Automatica. Additionally, he recorded with Color Film and contributed to their album Living Arrangements. Palumbo lives with Crohn’s disease which is evident in his lyrics.

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