Daniel Parkhurst

Who is Daniel Parkhurst?

Daniel Parkhurst serves as the Organizing Manager at Toxic-Free Future and works to strengthen nonprofits through collective action. With more than 10 years of experience advocating for change through organizing, Daniel is an ardent champion for change through organizing.

Parkhurst allegedly inappropriately touched a passenger on board a flight from Seattle to Las Vegas in 2019 without permission, leading him to face up to 20 years in prison.

Early Life and Education

Parkhurst began her professional horsemanship training while living at a livery stable in Worcester, Massachusetts. Although female, she quickly earned a reputation as one of the finest carriage handlers and became known by many drivers as “One-Eyed Charley.”

Wells Fargo hired her when she arrived in California to transport gold-seekers across harsh terrain. Her skilled use of a six-horse rig made her extremely sought-after; often traveling alone on the road she could protect herself against bandits with ease.

She registered to vote more than 50 years before women could cast ballots; and died near Watsonville, California from cancer of the tongue in 1879.

Professional Career

Parkhurst previously served as Policy Director at Clean Aire NC and worked to connect Washington nonprofits through collective action. Now he serves as Toxic-Free Future’s Organizing Manager where he works to equip nonprofits with the resources they need to advocate effectively on behalf of their communities.

He enjoyed fishing, hockey and music in his free time. Shane Parkhurst of Summerville, SC; Reed O. Parkhurst from Cape Canaveral, Florida; as well as grandchildren Thomas Jaxon and Luke Newell are left behind to cherish his memory.

He graduated from Florida State University and Duke Law School, practicing law for over fifty years. As an active mediator he felt it was an effective way of giving back to the community.

Achievement and Honors

Parkhurst has earned several academic accolades throughout his academic career. These awards include: Asian Studies Prize; Frank Parkhurst Brackett Jr and Davida Wark Brackett Prize (for outstanding advancement of astronomy); Moncrieff Astronomy Prizes (awarded to students who show strong interest and proficiency in observatory work) as well as Moncrieff Astronomy Prizes awarded for excellence in astronomy studies and observatories work.

He currently serves as Toxic-Free Future’s Organizing Manager, working closely with local communities to foster healthy living and environmental justice. In addition, he collaborates with the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center to connect members of Congress with community activists. Furthermore, he was awarded with a highly competitive Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship award that provides him with a stipend support, candidacy tuition fees, and registration fees.

Personal Life

Parkhurst was widely considered one of the first transgender men ever, living as one during California Gold Rush and working as stagecoach driver while passing herself off as male. She is also widely acknowledged for becoming first American woman ever to cast ballot in presidential election (despite wearing men’s clothing while doing it).

Kondazian points out examples of individuals such as Parkhurst who defied society’s gender norms by fighting in the Civil War dressed as men or participating in gender swapping movements as prime examples of people who went beyond simply conforming to society.

He was an exuberant soul who always found ways to celebrate life. His zest for living spread joy throughout, impacting all who came in contact with him.

Net Worth

Daniel Parkhurst rose to fame thanks to Kim Zolciak and reality television show Don’t Be Tardy, where he became one of the main protagonists. Additionally, Daniel owns and operates an engineering business called eSonic Design Incorporated; its net worth has been estimated between $100,000-1 Million by online estimates.

According to an indictment, he used his funds to purchase large amounts of prescription drugs such as oxycodone and steroids from overseas sources and sell them throughout Central Oregon. After selling, some of their proceeds were deposited into financial institutions before being withdrew by his co-conspirators as cash advances.

Parrelly allegedly failed to disclose that NAFSCI securities posed a high level of risk and that, as its Managing Director, he stood to reap a significant profit from Parkhurst’s investment.

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