Daniel Peers

Daniel Peers – Bringing All Voices to the Table

Daniel Peers specializes in housing policy and non-profit real estate development. As an effective facilitator and problem solver, he strives to bring all voices to the table.

Dan is a reliable advisor to small businesses, family-owned enterprises, home healthcare providers, religious institutions, independent schools and manufacturers. Additionally, his expertise lies in employment litigation matters including representing employers against claims for wrongful termination lawsuits.

Early Life and Education

From birth to age 8, children’s experiences and environments have a tremendous effect on their brain architecture – the foundation for learning, behavior and health throughout life. Positive experiences help children flourish while negative ones may have lasting detrimental consequences.

Daniel grew up during Judah’s greatest spiritual renaissance, hearing prophets King Josiah, Jeremiah and Zephaniah preach about Assyria’s imminent destruction in 612BC.

Starting his career in non-profit disability service and later receiving a master’s degree from CUNY SPS in Disability Studies, Daniel taught disability services in higher education for over 11 years. Daniel believes schools must be psychologically safe environments where all participants (students, teachers, parents, administrators and support staff alike) have access to effective tools that promote well-being.

Professional Career

Daniel is an accomplished researcher, facilitator and strategist who specializes in housing policy, homelessness and non-profit real estate development. His work emphasizes using research and effective facilitation techniques to assist communities and organizations in making better decisions that foster long-term sustainability and involve all voices at the table.

Daniel stands out with his excellent work ethic, exuberance and unyielding drive to approach every transaction with maximum tenacity, hunger and diligence. When not selling properties he enjoys spending time with family, staying fit and travelling. In addition, he’s a licensed estate agent with an impressive track record for results delivery; committed to client satisfaction through superior service delivery while upholding strong work-life balance for himself and managing expectations effectively for his clients.

Achievement and Honors

Honors students take advanced content courses, engage in special extracurricular activities, and complete an intensive senior thesis or project. In addition, these students may qualify for generous tuition scholarships.

Daniel Peers made history this year by competing in his inaugural Masters 1000 tournament: Shanghai Masters with regular doubles partner Jamie Murray. They reached the semifinals and lost to Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin.

Keerthi Reddy and Daniel Wilson received the Joseph L. Barrett Award for their dedication to Room 13, a peer counseling organization which helps fellow students create more fulfilling college experiences. They were honored for promoting greater empathy and awareness by way of thoughtful dialogue; initiating listening workshops; as well as being active members in their local community.

Personal Life

Daniel has provided services to thousands of individuals from schools to Fortune 500s through World Access For The Blind, and is widely sought-after for his ability to energize audiences to overcome any challenge more successfully. His work has been featured in print publications like the Chronicle of Philanthropy and Men’s Journal as well as television and radio broadcasts worldwide.

Daniel is also an accomplished jazz drummer, having performed at numerous jazz festivals and music halls across the US and beyond. His playing is heavily influenced by different cultures he has experienced and produces emotive lyricism in his performance. Additionally, his groundbreaking leadership style and way he teaches blind individuals how to navigate their environments is shifting how the world perceives blindness.

Net Worth

Daniel is an accomplished car racer with an extensive collection of vehicles ranging from karts to Formula One cars. His passion for motorsports can be seen through his driving style and personality.

He began his racing career by competing in karting. Soon thereafter, racing teams took notice and offered him drives with Formula Renault.

He has built up an excellent record in tennis, becoming an aggressive threat to his opponents due to his aggressive playing style and winning several ATP Challenger Tour titles. Additionally, he is an avid poker player, winning many live tournaments and cash game prizes; additionally he has invested in real estate properties.

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