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Daniel Pointe Retirement Community

Daniel Pointe Retirement Community is conveniently located close to public transportation, making it easier for residents to get around. Stop by and visit this area of Charlotte to see if it meets your needs.

The Book of Daniel provides us with a fascinating account of God’s work in the lives of his people, while also teaching us valuable lessons on how we can walk with him ourselves.

Early Life and Education

Daniel was raised in Wilmington, Delaware and began working part-time jobs from an early age. He attended local public schools before earning a degree from the University of Delaware.

After graduating, he started his teaching career in Williamson, West Virginia where he taught chemistry and physics at Liberty High School from 1933-43. Later he moved to Buffalo where he joined Lloyd’s Memorial Congregational Church where he participated actively with many activities such as serving on its deacon board and overseeing its building fund.

Dan co-founded Thayer Leadership with four other West Point graduates in 2010, with the mission of spreading West Point leadership throughout the world. They employ over 350 people worldwide and offer professional development programs for organizations and individuals; their work has received multiple awards and recognition.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel boasts a nearly flawless academic record, having received distinguished honor roll status since freshman year with an outstanding numeric GPA exceeding 100% and maintaining an exceptional conduct and effort GPA of 4.0 while taking college-level classes on top of his regular high school curriculum. Additionally, Daniel serves on the MHS digital newspaper staff as well as tutoring fellow students in Writing Center sessions, joining its Academic World Quest competition team and volunteering his services for numerous community service activities as well as performing concerts for charity fundraisers and high-profile events.

Personal Life

Dan is President and Co-President of Thayer Leadership. A graduate of West Point in 1988, he completed his army commitment as an Airborne-Ranger Field Artillery officer before also successfully completing the Combined Logistics Captains Career Course.

He has written multiple books, been featured in both Wall Street Journal and Chief Executive magazine, and contributed to West Point Leadership: Profiles of Courage as an author.

He has appeared in multiple action movies, such as Bloodsport II (1998) alongside James Hong and John-Rhys Davies and its sequel Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite (1999). Additionally, he played Siro in Mortal Kombat: the Movie adaptation as well as upgraded agent Johnson in Enter The Matrix video game.

Net Worth

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He used his earnings to invest in various businesses and ventures, becoming an extremely successful entrepreneur. Additionally, he engaged in charitable work by contributing his funds to many worthwhile causes.

He and his wife established the Daniel Seth Loeb Family Third Point Foundation to support education reform, LGBT rights, Alzheimer’s research and other worthy causes. Additionally, they donated to Columbia University and established an undergraduate scholarship in their name – additionally they supported organizations devoted to caring for and treating homeless children. Both reside in New York City.

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