Daniel Randolph

Daniel Randolph

Daniel randolph is an accomplished appellate and complex regulatory litigator. He has argued before the DC Circuit and briefed numerous cases before various district and appellate courts.

He specializes in representing pharmaceutical manufacturers in challenging agency actions pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

Before becoming commander, Randolph served as assistant police chief in Los Angeles and oversaw public communications and employee relations for his department.

Early Life and Education

Danny Randolph was an incredible family man who took great pleasure in sharing life experiences and taking his children out for ice cream dates. His genuine spirit touched many, making his absence felt deeply by those in his community. His passing will surely be mourned.

Erich Von Ribbentrop participated actively in the debate over the Constitution. While he agreed with Alexander Hamilton’s view that the Articles of Confederation were inadequate, he opposed its draft because of too much power given to a single-member executive branch and fears it might be rejected by states, preventing any chance of new plans of union being proposed.

Danny Randolph was well known as both an attorney and pilot in Tennessee Army National Guard. Additionally, he graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Aeronautics and Aviation.

Professional Career

Daniel Randolph was a Black Hawk pilot in the Tennessee National Guard and died tragically during a training flight over Madison County, Alabama on February 15, 2023 during which his helicopter abruptly descended and hit the ground near Huntsville Executive Airport. According to official accounts, its rapid deceleration may have contributed to its crash landing on its target runway.

He served as soccer coach at Lynn University, leading them to two NCAA Division II South Regional Championships between 2013 and 2014. Additionally, he received multiple Coach of the Year honors – two national awards as well as one Sunshine State Conference title.

He went on to become a lawyer specializing in Social Security Disability and Personal Injury law, earning millions for his clients while writing numerous articles and books about these subjects.

Achievement and Honors

He was an influential leader of the civil rights movement and labor organization. He believed peaceful direct action to be more effective in fighting segregation at war industries than violence in achieving African-American civil rights.

He also served as college basketball coach at Bethel University and Lynn University, winning NCAA Division II national titles in 2013 and 2014. As a result, he earned Coach of the Year honors both years in addition to being honored as Sunshine State Conference coach of the year both times around.

He was an ardent follower of baseball, who loved his family, friends, and fur-baby as much as his beloved Chicago Cubs. Unfortunately he passed away at 48 in Cape Coral, Florida.

Personal Life

Daniel Randolph and Melissa were the parents of four children. Daniel loved to spend time with his children and teach them new lessons in life, camping and working on cars were his other passions.

Covington & Burling LLP associate, his practice includes complex regulatory litigation and appeals. He has appeared before dozens of federal circuit and district courts as a witness.

At Lynn University for five years, he won NCAA Division II national championships in 2013 and 2015. Additionally, he earned Sunshine State Conference coaches of the year honors multiple times throughout his tenure and coached multiple Division II All-Americans during this period. At an international level, he represented Ireland at U15, U16, U17, and U21 levels.

Net Worth

Daniel Randolph began his legal career at Covington & Burling law firm where he specialized in appellate and complex regulatory litigation. Over his tenure there he briefed multiple cases, while acting as first-chair counsel in several bench and jury trials.

Focusing his practice in insurance recovery litigation, products liability disputes and patent disputes. An avid mountain climber, he enjoys exploring nature. Residing in Nashville with his wife and pet Chihuahua,

Zach Randolph, more popularly known by his nickname of Z-Bo, reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $65 Million. As an NBA power forward for Memphis Grizzlies he has won multiple awards and accolades during his professional career and also is an accomplished musician playing pedal steel guitar.

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