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A Man Who Beat His Infant Son Caused Bloodcurdling Screams Was Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison on Wednesday

On Wednesday, a man who beat his infant son and caused bloodcurdling screams was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Rohloff stood before a court and was informed of her son’s situation by his mother in court, telling him about its effects: lifelong medical complications and pain and suffering were caused as a result of his actions, yet Rohloff showed no reaction whatsoever to such devastating news. She lashed out in anger.

Early Life and Education

Upper Merrion Township Police have charged a 33-year-old resident of Bridgeport’s 300 block of Jefferson Street with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and endangering an infant following his alleged assault of 2-month-old son on July 26.

County Detective Heather Long testified that during their investigation into injuries sustained by an infant, investigators discovered several surveillance cameras inside Rohloff’s residence. One video captured Rohloff entering a bedroom carrying his son at 7:22 p.m. on July 26 and covering up one camera in that room with cloth or towel while making faint gurgling sounds until his child began screaming intensely – something which the recording played in court confirmed.

Social workers had tried to limit Rohloff’s unsupervised contact with his son, but he declined and indicated he didn’t believe he needed supervision, according to an arrest affidavit filed by police. Furthermore, Rohloff refused to comply with a safety plan set in place by the office.

Professional Career

Rohloff is an academic, research scientist, and founder/director of NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center. Additionally, he serves as an industry cybersecurity expert with vast expertise in computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics fields. Rohloff has published many peer-reviewed journal articles as well as three books.

At court proceedings, Rohloff’s conduct was described by the judge as horrific and his sentence includes anger management counseling as well as domestic violence and victim awareness classes. Additionally, 25 years are to be served in prison.

Achievement and Honors

Parents brought the boy to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where doctors discovered what they considered self-inflicted injuries: both new and healing rib fractures; bilateral subdural hemorrhages; as well as bruises covering various parts of his body.

As part of their investigation, detectives discovered there were surveillance cameras present in the house where Rohloff entered with his baby, initially appearing calm and content. Rohloff then covered the camera with a towel before abruptly covering it back up causing her to start screaming uncontrollably.

Later on in the video, Rohloff can be seen leaving the room with the baby. Later he was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison and fined $250,000 for child abuse. On Monday funeral services were held at Zion Lutheran Church in Morris followed by burial at Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Horton Township.

Personal Life

Rohloff was an adventurous traveler who enjoyed trying new cuisine and debating topics such as college sports, politics and the authenticity of various fish tacos with friends. Additionally, he was deeply committed to his family life and delighted in witnessing their growth over time.

During court proceedings, Rohloff was confronted by Rohloff’s mother who accused him of acting “pure evil and selfishly.” She informed Rohloff that his actions have permanently altered an innocent life: “This baby will live a lifetime of pain, suffering and complications due to you,” she stated.

Rohloff provided detectives with a timeline that was “sporadic and vague, with numerous inconsistencies and attempts to downplay events”, according to an arrest affidavit. Furthermore, it appears he covered up a surveillance camera in one bedroom using cloth.

Net Worth

Rohloff was said to have refused efforts by Office of Children and Youth caseworkers to limit his unsupervised contact with his infant, as well as taking part in drug screenings, according to detectives. They observed Rohloff using a cloth at various times to cover surveillance cameras within the home – including around 10 pm on July 26 – the alleged night of abuse when objects began breaking on the floor, according to court testimony played in court. A recording played during court proceedings revealed a mother screaming at Rohloff to return her baby while objects started breaking on the floor – something police say they witnessed by covering surveillance cameras using cloth cloth at various times throughout this incident alleged beating incident alleged abuse occurred on this night alleged assault by Rohloff who refused drug tests required of course by law enforcement authorities.

Rohloff appeared emotionless during his hearing, showing no expression as his infant son’s bloodcurdling cries were played for the judge to consider in determining his fate. Some in the audience wept while others left; numerous members of Rohloff’s own family also shed tears as footage was played for consideration in court.

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