Daniel Rossman

Daniel Rossman – Public Policy Expert

Daniel Rossman serves as an Associate Consultant with Arkadiko Partners, helping clients implement sustainable approaches to their businesses and investments. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management.

He works to preserve areas in the San Gabriel Mountains through The Wilderness Society.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Rossman earned both his Bachelors and Masters of Public Policy degrees from Binghamton University and Georgetown University respectively, where he now works as a researcher for Ithaka S+R studying how data collection and analysis can enhance educational outcomes.

He serves as research assistant professor at the State University of New York at Albany and his work aims to enhance educational data quality so all students receive a quality education.

As he competes Saturday in the Barber Beast on the Bay, Fairview Township resident Ryan Williams only has one goal in mind when competing: beating his time from last year. Since his near-fatal motorcycle accident nearly 20 years ago ended his police career and almost claimed his life, Williams has found ways to overcome any emotional trauma associated with it and strives for personal and professional growth.

Professional Career

Daniel Rossman is an accomplished public policy expert who has extensive experience across various sectors and fields. With a background in political organizing and environmental organizations, as well as consulting roles at Arkadiko Partners supporting clients’ implementation of sustainable business and investment practices.

Research Fellow with Ithaka S+R’s Educational Transformation program. As such, he utilizes mixed research methodologies to evaluate strategies and services designed to increase student access and success.

Rochester-Olmsted Council of Governments recently dedicated a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Valleyhigh Drive Northwest in memory of David Rossman, an advocate for expanding walking and biking trails throughout Olmsted County who also was an active member of ROCOG’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Achievement and Honors

Rossman School alumni have long been recognized for their exceptional achievements and service to their communities. These individuals exemplify the core values taught at our school – leadership, citizenship, creativity, humanity – as they dedicate themselves to spreading our principles.

He flew 59 bombing missions throughout the Southwest Pacific and Philippine Islands, receiving numerous commendations for bravery. Additionally, he has received both the Charles K. Brightbill Award and Garrett G. Eppley Distinguished Alumni Award.

At Presque Isle State Park’s Barber Beast on the Bay competition in Fairview Township, 58-year-old Fairview Township man has one goal in mind when he competes. That goal is to beat his time from last year – where he placed ninth in his age group and overall. Competitors at last year’s race included his two older brothers competing and additional family members attending as spectators.

Personal Life

Dan Liscovitz married Sylvia Liscovitz in 1948, and together they raised two daughters. Dan was an enthusiastic radio-controlled airplane enthusiast; over the years he built and flew many types of planes while mentoring those just getting started in this hobby. A member of Roswell Area Modelers Club.

Daniel joined The Wilderness Society in 2008 and currently works in their Los Angeles office as a Senior Regional Representative protecting areas in the San Gabriel Mountains. Rossman brings a strong background in political organizing having worked for numerous environmental organizations; his B.S. in political science and sociology from Florida State University is coupled with a Master’s of Communication degree he also served in the US Air Force for nine years before entering civilian life.

Net Worth

Rossman has amassed much of his net worth through YouTube ads and merchandise sales. Additionally, his dedication has earned him a large fan following on social media platforms like Instagram.

He currently serves as Southern California Mountains Landscape Director for The Wilderness Society, working to protect areas of rugged mountain ranges. Additionally, he enjoys watching sports and cheers for college trams such as his alma mater Florida State University.

He lives with his wife and is father to two children. Preferring not to disclose information about his personal life or family, he owns two dogs and enjoys hiking and skiing as hobbies.

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