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Carol Ruckdeschel is America’s wildest woman. A gun-wielding hermit living alone on her wilderness island homestead, Carol is known for eating roadkill and dissecting dead sea turtles for sustenance.

Early Life and Education

Ruckdeschel hails from Rhode Island but attended high school, college and medical school in New York. His research into lung cancer and patient-physician communication resulted in close to 200 peer-reviewed publications. As director of the UMMC Cancer Institute since January 2017 – and working towards National Cancer Institute designation while simultaneously decreasing cancer deaths for Mississippians.

Ruckdeschel made his mark as a baseball player as well, helping St. Thomas Aquinas win its first state championship game since 2003. During a state semifinal game against Lakeland George Jenkins he hit an inside-the-park home run to seal victory and help earn St. Thomas Aquinas their spot at state.

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Professional Career

Daniel Ruckdeschel’s professional career has primarily centered around thoracic oncology. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed manuscripts and serves as North American Editor for Cochrane Lung Cancer Review Group. Additionally, Daniel has extensive research experience as Principal Investigator on multiple trials. In addition, Daniel has held leadership roles at medical centers including Moffitt Cancer Center of Tampa Florida and Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit.

Ergon is currently serving as the Director of the University Medical Center Cancer Institute and Ergon Chair in Cancer Research as well as Professor of Oncology.

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Achievement and Honors

Ruckdeschel graduated from Deerfield Academy where he earned both first team All-PSAC and honorable mention All-East honors at tackle on Deerfield’s undefeated 1965 football team, becoming first team All-PSAC and honorable mention All-East at that position. Ruckdeschel participated four-years in football while three in track & field.

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Personal Life

Daniel Ruckdeschel is a counselor at Iona College where he helps students suffering from homesickness. While homesickness is common for young adults who move away from home, distinguishing it from depression or anxiety may be difficult; Ruckdeschel encourages his students to seek professional assistance if they believe they may need it. Furthermore, Ruckdeschel has made significant contributions to local charities through his community involvement; we found 7 records for Daniel Ruckdeschel across PA, NY and 2 other states which include phone number history records history history email associated people and associated people records search – public records search free of cost! Find more Daniel Ruckdeschel records!

Homesickness is a normal part of college life, yet it can be frustrating and it’s important to know when it’s necessary to seek assistance.

Net Worth

Daniel Ruckdeschel currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million. In his consulting capacity for many companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Daniel currently resides in Texas with his wife and children. Additionally, he has been actively involved with charitable organizations including: American Academy of Arts and Sciences Board; National Science Foundation Board and University of Oklahoma board membership among others. Various other organizations may have also appointed Daniel as board member; He may use various other names like Daniel B Ruckdeschel or Daniel Ruckderschel when communicating with other organizations.

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