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Dan Sandberg – A Memorable Lifelong Oregon Resident

Danny was a long-term resident of Canby, Oregon and an active member of the Canby Cruisers, often seen driving his hot rod in parades. Danny also enjoyed supporting the Clackamas County Fair where he enjoyed showing cattle; passing this passion onto both his daughters and grandchildren.

Early Life and Education

Joel and Adele Sandberg, Jewish parents from Washington D.C., raised three children together – she being the eldest. Joel worked as an ophthalmologist, while Adele taught French. When she was toddler-aged her family moved to North Miami Beach. There, Sandberg attended high school while also teaching aerobics classes there.

Her accomplishments at Google and management skills earned her the attention of Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. She worked to ensure its profitability, managing online sales and overseeing profitability measures for social media site Facebook.

She published the book Lean In to empower both women and men worldwide to aspire to leadership roles. She holds numerous board memberships such as those at The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks and V-Day as well as being an active philanthropist who has given away millions to charities such as Planned Parenthood.

Professional Career

Dan Sandberg has built an outstanding professional career and earned widespread respect within the technology sector. His academic training in engineering physics gives him an edge when it comes to creating algorithms and optimizing business operations; additionally he has also participated in multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

Sandberg wrote Lean In, a book designed to assist women in reaching their professional goals. According to her research, women often face numerous barriers at work including both overt discrimination and subtle forms of prejudice as well as internalized gender stereotypes that limit them from reaching their professional ambitions.

Sandberg has inspired countless women, yet her approach to success remains controversial for some. For instance, her suggestion that women work harder at overcoming societal hurdles may not be useful to all women–especially women of color.

Achievement and Honors

Sheryl Sandberg has become one of the most admired women in business. Her best-selling memoir Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead catalysed change in how companies recruit and retain female executives.

Education was another highlight, graduating Harvard College with honors in 1991 majoring in economics.

She was an important voice at Facebook even as the company found itself embroiled in numerous controversies such as Cambridge Analytica and misinformation, supporting women as an outspoken champion of equal pay, founding nonprofit advocacy organization Lean In, living in California with daughter Ellie and recently beginning dating Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick – two controversies she is also currently grappling with as CEO.

Personal Life

Dan was an incredible husband, father and grandfather. He loved raising cattle and supporting the Clackamas County Fair – as well as 4-H and FFA programs locally – where his daughters competed as 4-H members. Additionally he was an active member of Canby Cruisers; often taking them along in his hot rod to parades and General Canby Day events with him in Canby Cruisers cars.

He was an active volunteer in his community and served on the Canby Senior Center Board. Additionally, he enjoyed music and playing drums; unfortunately he passed away in February 2015 in Aventura, Florida but will be fondly remembered by his wife Roslyn, son Jon and grandchildren Michael Robert David and Nara.

Net Worth

Sandberg has written numerous books, such as 2013 feminist manifesto Lean In. Additionally, she serves as Facebook’s chief operating officer and is widely credited for helping grow it into an annual revenue powerhouse of $100 billion-plus.

She and her husband enjoy watching movies and TV series at home and even have a home theater setup to stream them all at the same time. Travel is another passion of theirs; often visiting relatives in Sweden.

She has been at the center of several controversies surrounding Facebook and its work, including decisions she made that led to misinformation and hate speech being spread on its platform. Most recently she married businessman Tom Bernthal who appeared in films such as Wolf of Wall Street and The Punisher.

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