Daniel Sasson

The Life of Daniel Sasson

Daniel Sasson, 28, died Thursday of injuries sustained almost a year ago from a bicycle accident. He played for Hapoel Tel Aviv, Hapoel Holon and Gilboa Galil from Israel’s Winner League teams; all offered their condolences to his family while all forthcoming games held a moment of silence in his honor.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Sasson was born in Norwich, Connecticut to a family with deep New England ancestry. His education started at home before attending Yale University where he joined Phi Beta Kappa Society and formed lasting friendships among scholars.

He published numerous articles on a range of subjects, such as the characteristics and mating strategies of horseshoe crab sperm (Limulus polyphemus), Leiobunum vittatum harvestman behavior and short-term water deprivation’s effects on courtship behaviors in this insect.

Recently, Dr. Hearn donated part of his personal library to Vanderbilt Divinity Library – specifically his extensive collection of classical music CDs and LPs – with hopes that future students and faculty researchers interested in Assyriology or ancient Near East studies would benefit.

Professional Career

Daniel Sassoon is an exceptional hair designer. Throughout his travels around the globe he has taught and inspired students while sharing the Sassoon ethos and brand vision. Additionally he serves as Assistant UK Creative Director based out of London academy as well as creating MySassoonHair, an initiative celebrating Sassoon global community members.

At Emory University, he would volunteer nights for its anonymous hotline where he helped students struggling with gender and sexuality issues. This led to his research on top surgery and chest dysphoria among transgender adolescents; later joining Feinberg, where he collaborated on gender and sexuality research with one professor on transgender teens. Israeli Winner League teams expressed their condolences over his loss by holding one minute silence before their matches in his memory.

Achievement and Honors

Sassoon was an accomplished author who produced many books and essays that explored ancient Near Eastern cultures. He explored their literary legacies, languages, political histories, material remains, religions and histories of ideas; his contributions contributed greatly to our scholarly understanding of this region.

Alongside his academic pursuits, Sassoon also dedicated much of his time and efforts towards charitable activities. He was particularly dedicated to combatting antisemitism and founded the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The Israeli League has recognized Daniel Sasson, who passed away recently. To pay our respects and remember him properly, all games played this month that feature Ramla will observe a minute of silence before kick-off. Hapoel Tel Aviv and Hapoel Holon hosted by Ramla organized this tribute.

Personal Life

Sasson’s scholarship will benefit future generations of students and scholars interested in the ancient Near East and Hebrew Bible. To this end, he has donated part of his library containing over 2,600 books (along with many rare ethno musical recordings) to Vanderbilt Divinity School for preservation.

His most recent project is a book which translates and annotates clay tablets from Mari, on the Middle Euphrates River in Mesopotamia, dating back to 18th Century BCE. These documents offer valuable insight into life during that period in Mesopotamia.

He played basketball for Hapoel Ramla, Gilboa Galil and Israeli Winner League team Maccabi Tel Aviv before his tragic death from injuries sustained in an accident last year. All his former teammates offered their condolences upon hearing of his passing; future games will observe one minute of silence in his honor.

Net Worth

Sassoon has made investments across several industries, from coffee production to banks (in Europe, Asia and the Middle East), newspapers in the UK and oil companies. He currently is working to revive his family’s banking dynasty that dates back six centuries! He currently oversees shipping companies in Greece as well as banks (with operations spanning Europe Asia Middle East), newspapers (publishing newspapers across all three regions) newspapers as well as oil companies within his family fortune.

Dafna, an author and screenwriter specializes in children’s book writing for young readers. Together they enjoy an extravagant lifestyle together, and are best known for his role as Jorge in Like, la Leyenda TV show.

Sasson has made numerous television appearances including De Few and Short Fuse, amassing over 30,000 followers on his eponymous Instagram account. Additionally, this Mexican actor appears as Daniel Cohen in Amy Telenovela; becoming one of its popular and trending actors.

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