Daniel Slifkin

Daniel Slifkin, a Lawyer in New York, NY

Daniel Slifkin has been practicing law in New York, NY for over 25 years and specializes in Business Litigation.

Slifkin holds degrees from St John’s College Oxford and Harvard Law School and has amassed extensive litigation experience across state and federal courts across the US. As the head of New York office’s securities litigation practice alongside partners Gary Bornstein and Kevin Orsini.

Professional Career

Daniel Slifkin has been practicing law for more than 25 years and serves as a partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, where he is highly adept in handling complex litigation cases. Attorney Mark Levinson is an accomplished litigator who has handled cases at both state and federal levels across the US as well as domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Additionally, his expertise lies in securities and derivative matters having represented major banks like JPMorgan Chase and Vivendi in high-stakes class actions. His most noteworthy case involves representing Tesla and CEO Elon Musk in a stockholder derivative action related to their purchase of SolarCity. Slifkin practices from our New York, New York office; he hails originally from England where he attended St John’s College Oxford before attending Harvard Law School for legal studies.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Slifkin stands out among his colleagues as one of the highest-rated attorneys. In 2018, he received the distinguished Super Lawyer honor, given only to those lawyers in each state who stand out among their peers and demonstrate exceptional legal advice for clients. Daniel’s selection demonstrates just that.

As well as his legal career, Mr. Williams is also an ardent supporter of Brasenose College and its causes. His generosity can be seen through funding numerous campaigns and appeals – as well as academic research projects made possible due to it.

Mr. Doleman has also provided invaluable assistance to the Bodleian Library’s efforts in making its treasures accessible by helping facilitate their digitalisation.

Personal Life

Daniel Slifkin was born and raised in the UK before becoming an American citizen. He received his education at St John’s College and Oxford before enrolling at Harvard Law School. Since completing law school he has been practicing Business Litigation issues at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP where he is now a partner. Daniel represents clients facing business litigation issues in New York in state courts as well as domestic and international arbitration proceedings and also has experience litigating securities fraud claims successfully against clients of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP where he represents clients’ rights with clients through Business Litigation matters on behalf of clients he represents clients facing business Litigation issues on behalf of clients that Cravath Swaine & Moore has successfully taken several class actions against individuals to trial while representing clients facing Business Litigation issues from clients being represented by Cravath Swaine & Moore’s lawyers throughout his entire career of representing clients’ interests on both sides.

Net Worth

Daniel Slifkin is one of New York’s premier lawyers and has spent his entire career at Cravath, Swaine & Moore as a partner. Throughout this time he has handled cases across state and federal courts as well as international and domestic arbitration proceedings – representing clients such as JPMorgan Chase and Vivendi in high stakes securities litigation trials with complete victory results, in addition to numerous antitrust and trade secret cases such as Fresenius Healthcare Group in Delaware shotgun marriage attempts against specialty generic pharmaceuticals company Akorn. Slifkin holds two degrees from Oxford which testifies to his intellectual abilities – as evidenced by two degrees awarded from Oxford!

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