Daniel Tadros

Daniel Tadros – A Well-Known Name in Business

Dan Tadros is a senior associate with Rockwood Group. He oversees financial modeling, analysis and due diligence processes for many transactions at the firm. With extensive commercial lending expertise under his belt, he plays an active role from start-up of each deal.

He earned his undergraduate and law degrees at University Of Florida before enrolling in Loyola University to receive his law degree. Furthermore, he works as a proctor in admiralty and maritime law for New Orleans- and Houston-based Chaffe McCall Phillips Toler.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Tadros passed away peacefully at home in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on Friday October 8, 2021 at age 53. He leaves two children behind as well as former spouse Natalia Tadros and four brothers.

After graduating from Cairo University Faculty of Medicine with his medical degree, Tadros moved with his family to America in pursuit of fulfilling his lifelong ambition of practicing medicine.

Tadros faced an agonizing decision after failing to pass USMLE Step 1, while working 55 hours each week and caring for his family. Should he invest the time, energy and finances required to retake it while struggling financially? In the end, Tadros opted for becoming a physician assistant instead – enrolling in FSU’s inaugural Physician Assistant Program class where his classmates and instructors regard him as the smartest member.

Professional Career

He has participated in many clinical trials, contracts and grants as a principal investigator or co-investigator, mentoring both students and fellows at cardiac catheterization laboratory.

Dan Tadros currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc. – Managers of the American Club. In his position he oversees day-to-day operations across their offices in London, Piraeus, Shanghai, Hong Kong Limassol and Houston while designing policies that promote company culture and vision while overseeing compliance and corporate governance and providing support services across multiple departments.

Brent Marcus from Spring Mills High School plans on pursuing a career in biochemistry with the intention of developing therapeutic strategies for genetic and incurable diseases while distigmatizing individuals with disabilities. Other scholarship recipients are pursing degrees in mechanical or industrial engineering.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Tadros is a well-recognized figure in business. As Chief Legal and Compliance Officer for SCB, his expertise lies mainly in admiralty law.

He has co-authored various publications, such as an introduction to seaport law published in 2017.

Tadros has also participated in pro bono work. In June 2019, he was part of a team which won the Pro Bono Team Excellence Award – including Peter Willis SC, Matthew Albert and Angel Aleksov as fellow team members.

Personal Life

Daniel Tadros currently works at the American Club as a senior manager and has been with them for four years.

Daniel Tadros serves as Chief Operating Officer of the American Club and sits on its Board. In this capacity he oversees daily operations of Managers’ offices located in London, Piraeus, Shanghai, Hong Kong Limassol and Houston as well as creating policies designed to foster company culture and vision while overseeing compliance and corporate governance – providing support across departments.

He is married with two children. His hobbies include reading and collecting coins and stamps. His parents reside in Egypt while his sister lives nearby – while his brother can be found in Calgary, Canada.

Net Worth

Daniel and Eric Tadros, identical twin brothers who perform under Montreal-based Due Belier Records, are multilingual singer-songwriters composing in both French and English while performing.

Tadros won over several investors – including two Chicago entrepreneurs who prefer not to be identified – to invest in his Oyster Pail cocktail bar and restaurant project in Lakeview. After rehabbing an empty storefront and spending thousands on plumbing, electric and furniture for it, however it never opened due to difficulties getting a brewery permit.

After losing money on his projects, he raised cash through crowdfunding – an online portal which enables individuals to invest without needing to qualify as “accredited investors”, defined as those with annual incomes of $200,000 or net worths of $1 million). Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough money for all his ventures.

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