Daniel Thurston

A Biography of Daniel Thurston

Daniel felt an affinity towards his native land; when making his land purchase in 1713 he listed himself as “husbandman”, sometimes known as yeoman.

He purchased marshland on Newbury Neck so he could cultivate salt hay for thatching his roof, as well as household goods that demonstrated his hard work to meet ends. His inventory showed this hard work paying dividends.

Early Life and Education

His first job after college was at a library of a community center in Idaho. Later he transitioned to working for University of California Berkeley where he managed the computer system that managed campus libraries and research collections.

Thurston joined the Gilder Lehrman Center (GLC) as its inaugural Director of Education and Public Outreach in 2004 and since has applied his scholarly knowledge, extensive educational connections, political savvy, sense of humor, and unique approach to many projects that support GLC’s mission.

His family holds him in high esteem. He regularly communicates with his mother and has learned valuable lessons in responsibility and caring for others from her. Abbey, his beloved pup who has been by his side since 2011, also remains part of his daily routine.

Professional Career

Daniel Thurston served as an officer during the American Revolution and was an integral member of both the Committee of Safety and that charged with creating the Massachusetts State Constitution. Additionally, he participated in combat actions during both World Wars.

He possesses extensive expertise in investment and portfolio company operations, corporate development, executive management and board service for both public and private companies, such as American Communications Services, InvenGen, Billing Services Group HealthPort Pinnacle Dental South Georgia Dental Management U.S. Endo Partners National Dental Healthcare REIT among others.

He is a Certified Appellate Law Specialist, having handled many appeals and writs in courts of California and other states. Additionally, his focus has always been civic and charitable causes, and as an active philanthropist has donated significantly to various causes and organizations.

Achievement and Honors

Thurston published many articles in his lifetime regarding geometry and topology of 3-manifolds, preferring an intuitive writing style over lengthy proofs. Additionally, he became known for his contributions towards solving the Poincare conjecture in three dimensions.

Thurston served in the American Revolution and on the Committee drafting the Massachusetts State Constitution. An early resident of Newbury, MA and considered himself “kinsmen” with Daniel Thurston (founder of Newbury), who considered Thurston his kin.

Professor Thurston has published numerous works on American political development and politics, such as At the Boundaries of Homeownership: Credit, Discrimination and the American State (Cambridge University Press 2018). Her current research explores how political decisions shape market inequalities along lines of race and gender.

Personal Life

Daniel was also known for being an exemplary family man; especially close to his mother whom he kept in constant communication throughout his life and Abbey the dog who became part of their pack.

As a soldier, he served on both the Committee of Safety and Committee that Drafted Massachusetts State Constitution. Additionally, he was employed in Captain Appleton’s company as a trooper and received payment in the amount of PS4., 10 shillings on June 24th 1676 for his services.

He was recognized in multiple land deeds with the occupation title of husbandman or sometimes yeoman, signifying he worked his land for a living. His first purchase, in 1698, was salt marsh hay which served both cattle and home thatch purposes.

Net Worth

His YouTube videos have amassed more than 750,000 subscribers, while Aurora Athletic (his fitness company) and muscle model competitions (where he participated) also boast several hundred.

He serves on the boards of various portfolio companies, such as Smiles Dental, South Georgia Dental Management, U.S. Endo Partners and National Dental Healthcare REIT. With this wealth of business knowledge and a keen understanding of each business’s growth potential, he provides proactive investment support.

He is best known for his progressive and vegan views and estimated net worth is estimated at $5 Million dollars. He lives with his brother and son in California. Since childhood he has been playing bass guitar, guitar, vocals, and working on new albums – and currently working on his next one!

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