Daniel Ulloa

Daniel Ulloa

Daniel-Ulloa bases his research and public health interests on principles of community-based participatory research with rural Latinx communities. In particular, his interest is focused on HPV vaccination programs as well as working with Latino college men to foster healthy masculinities. Furthermore, his expertise lies in areas like AIDS prevention and substance abuse research – all areas in which he conducts research while teaching at University of Iowa.

Early Life and Education

Antonio Ulloa y de la Torre Guiral was born on November 17, 1716, at his birthplace of Isla de Leon. He became known for his expertise as a naturalist, writer and military personnel before passing away on July 3rd 1795 at age 79 in Isla de Leon.

He married Francisca Ulloa y Ramirez de Laredo and together they had four children; Martin de Ulloa was his brother while Pascual also shared this surname.

Jose Antonio Aureliano Bolandi Ulloa was his son. Maria Del Pilar Jimenez Retana became his wife, and together they had eight children: Jose (son), Antonio Aureliano Bolandi Ulloa, Anthony Reliano Bolandi Retana (daughter), Aurelio Bolandi Retana and Luz (daughters).

Achievement and Honors

Obsmara Ulloa, a Computer Science major at Northeastern Illinois University has been chosen as Lincoln Academy Student Laureate 2020. Ulloa was honored for her academic success, community service efforts, and campus leadership activities – specifically her professors Akkady Tchaba and Rachel Trana from SCSE who encouraged her to enter computer science which remains underrepresented by minorities and women. TGS awarded Ulloa with a Social Justice Mini-Grant so she can support We All Code which offers free coding education programs to children from Chicago schools.

Net Worth

Ulloa has managed to amass an estimated net worth between $100,000-$1M despite his busy schedule, living in Fort Worth with his wife Priscilla Rivas and children Mylan Ulloa, Edgar Rivas Rosa Rivas and Sergio Rivas.

He makes money through Instagram by monetizing posts with ads; however, his income from this source depends primarily on the size and cost of his follower base as well as advertising space costs.

Ulloa holds ownership in multiple businesses through his family trust. Additionally, he has made active investments over the last 18 months – most recently buying shares worth $200,000 on June 14, 2019! In addition, he holds 10 percent ownership in Seros Ulloa Family Trust of 1996.

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