Daniela Leather

Daniela Leather

Daniela Leather offers high-end luxury leather goods and apparel. Their products are constructed using only top quality leather. Each Daniela design stands as its own work of art with its own story to share.

This leather exudes an updated artisanal country aesthetic, featuring its relaxed vintage appearance that will only get better with age. Featuring natural color variations and wrinkles that give this unique leather piece its distinctive character, its look will evolve over time as regular use builds its character further.

Early Life and Education

After her exams are completed, Daniela quickly takes the leap into self-employment – seeking more freedom than traditional leather companies offer – designing her first small fashion series and setting out on her journey as an entrepreneur.

She offers advice and assistance to other designers by sharing her professional artisan expertise, connecting them with small production companies, and enjoying the freedom she so enjoys while offering her clients access to her professional artisan expertise.

Daniela enjoys an extensive network of friends and family. Her social media is filled with photos of her with husband John Paul DeJoria and daughter Sierra Esther. One of Daniela’s latest posts made headlines – she was seen strolling along a nature walk wearing an elegant black two-piece bikini outfit from NCIS: LA cast member Daniela as well as pairing it with black cap and large hooped earrings for an impressive look.

Professional Career

Daniela blends design skills with professional implementation. She offers guidance and assistance to designers looking to bring their concepts into production by connecting them with small production companies. Daniela’s designs reflect her years of artisan expertise acquired within the craft industry.

She is torn between an internship at an advertising agency and working at a traditional leather company that’s currently experiencing restructuring changes that are leading to potential relocation to low-wage countries.

Daniela prevails and finds her first customers. Her bag series combines reduction with feminine softness and versatility (wristlet to crossbody to clutch), quickly becoming popular among women who appreciate Daniela’s craftsmanship, artisanal expertise and thoughtful design.

Achievement and Honors

Danielle earned her bachelor of music education degree at the University of New Hampshire where she played clarinet. Since then she has published multiple articles related to educational topics, such as “Inviting discomfort: Workshops for supporting LGBTQIA+ students in rural schools” and “Re-envisioning writing pedagogy and learning disabilities through a Black girls’ literacies framework”.

Recently, she was honored with becoming Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show’s inaugural women’s champion and co-designed a jewelry line with designer Eric Buterbaugh for Salvatore Ferragamo.

Even after her many achievements, family remains the cornerstone of her life. She holds fast to the belief that kindness is the true currency in this world and lives by this principle whenever possible, seeking to spread happiness and positivity wherever she goes.

Personal Life

Daniela is passionate about her work and believes strongly in the importance of empowering local communities. Her interests range from reinventing traditional Mexican dishes to exploring unique flavors; for instance, her Arctic char with farmer’s cheese tostada is one of her restaurant’s most beloved offerings due to its combination of textures and tastes.

Her Italian artisanal heritage influences her designs, which exude an updated country aesthetic. Her garments reflect fluidity, poetry and balance as well as deep respect for nature and the natural world. Additionally, she takes great care with material selection; not a thread of exquisite artisanal fabrics is wasted; these principles can be seen in her textured, voluminous silhouettes which allow the body to paint its movements freely creating looks both intellectual and soulful.

Net Worth

Daniela Ruah enjoys amassing an immense following on Instagram and is extremely active. She enjoys dancing and traveling as well as supporting PETA as an animal advocate. Daniela Ruah has appeared in multiple movies and television shows over time.

Her family is extremely supportive, and she is an extremely gifted actress. Each episode of NCIS: Los Angeles pays her approximately $100,000 per episode – making her one of television’s highest-paying actresses.

She earns most of her income through acting fees that she charges for in films and TV shows, where she is known for both her beauty and acting talents. Her net worth in 2022 was estimated to be approximately $2 Million – comparable to Eric Biddines Net Worth.

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