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Fall Guys – The Best Halloween Costumes in the Fall Guys Games

The Fall Guys games is a video game which features costumed characters that can interact with players. The game’s creators wanted to create a game that would be a fun party-slash-fantasy-type experience. As such, they created a wide variety of costumes with various novelty aspects. Some of these costumes even include a Halloween homage.

The game is made available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Android. It was released on August 4, 2020. In the Fall Guys franchise, there are a few things which are considered to be the most important, if not the most useful. While it’s not an official achievement to be awarded a Golden Knight costume, it’s a pretty good way to get your hands on the coveted trophy. If you’re lucky, you can even win it in the real world.

Among the best costumes are the ones that are a tad on the extravagant side. One example is the Magic Dragon Skin. This skin has a lot of features, including a nifty little design, which translates to a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have the money to drop on a purchase, you can still enjoy this costume, since it’s part of the Dragon Hunter DLC pack.

Similarly, there are other costumes which are also worthy of mention. For instance, the Golden Knight is arguably the most prestigious of all the costumes. However, it’s not exactly easy to obtain this particular costume. You need to spend at least 2,739 Crowns, the in-game currency, to be able to own it.

Another costume is the Prickles. This is a lesser-known costume, which can be found in giveaways or as compensation for causing the server to crash. Although it’s not available for purchase, it’s a rare one to see in the game. Also, it’s a fun concept. There are two variations of it, the one that spawns from the crate and the one that can be purchased.

As you’d expect with a game that has a name like Fall Guys, there are a number of references to the comic book series. The skins on the other hand, have some cool and quirky references. They are also classified by rarity, as you’d expect, although you can’t really get much of the Magic Dragon Skin, for instance.

Lastly, there are the various costumes which are not particularly impressive. Besides the most common ones, there are some other interesting and more obscure outfits in the game. The best costumes are those which have a combination of cool features. Among those are the Magic Dragon Skin, which requires you to do a bit of legwork in order to find the rare one. Of course, there are also some outfits which are quite expensive, especially when compared to the cost of the other outfits in the game.

Other cool items included in the game are the Among Us and the ‘Mericent. These two aren’t exactly infallible but they are a lot more interesting than their counterparts.

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