Darla Hood Net Worth

Darla Hood was an American child actress best known as one of Spanky and Alfalfa in Our Gang series. Additionally, she made appearances in other short films and one TV movie; nightclub performances; as well as providing voiceover for advertising mascots.

She was born in Leedey, Oklahoma on November 8th 1931 and passed away June 13th 1979.

Early Life and Education

Darla Hood was an accomplished child actress best known for her roles in Our Gang films and The Bohemian Girl. Born in Leedey, Oklahoma and living in North Hollywood for 47 years until she passed away June 13, 1979 at 47 years old.

Hood first joined Our Gang as she stated on The Jack Benny Program (1950). James Claude Hood, a banker, and Elizabeth Davner both encouraged their daughter’s musical talent by giving singing lessons in Oklahoma City.

Joe Rivkin, an agent for Hal Roach Studios, identified her and signed her to a seven year contract at $75 weekly for 51 Our Gang shorts and one TV movie between 1935-1941.

Professional Career

Darla Hood was an accomplished child actress who amassed significant wealth throughout her career. She appeared in numerous film projects and left an unforgettable impression with audiences everywhere she appeared.

Her parents Elizabeth Davner and James Claude Hood (a banker), encouraged Darla’s musical abilities. Hal Roach talent agent Joe Rivkin discovered Darla when she appeared in a stage production; after testing and signing her to a contract of $75 per week.

She eventually went on to star in several Our Gang short films and worked alongside Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in feature films as a teenage character. Additionally, she hosted nightclub shows and voice-over work for Campbell Soup Kids and Chicken of the Sea tuna advertising mascots before her untimely death in 1979 at 49 years of age.

Achievement and Honors

Darla Hood was one of Hollywood’s best-loved child stars during the Depression years. At three, Oklahoma native Darla was plucked out of obscurity to audition for Hal Roach’s Our Gang repertory; within weeks she earned top billing as Alfalfa from 51 short films and one feature.

Once Our Gang’s run had concluded in 1942, Hood became an established singer, recording artist, and nightclub headliner. She voiced advertising mascots such as Campbell Soup Kids and Chicken of the Sea tuna; plus made appearances in TV programs such as You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx and The Jack Benny Program.

Hood was married twice: first to Robert W. Decker (an insurance salesman), and later record-company executive Jose Granson. Unfortunately, she died from complications associated with surgery at 47.

Personal Life

Darla Hood was born November 8th 1931 in Leedey Oklahoma. She began appearing with Our Gang when she was just six years old, appearing in 51 short films plus one television movie.

Hood was also an accomplished singer and released several albums during her lifetime. She regularly performed radio shows and appeared at nightclubs; furthermore she did singing and voice-over work for various TV commercials such as Campbell’s soup and Chicken of the Sea tuna products.

Hood died at age 47 due to hepatitis. Her remains were interred at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Jose Granson survived her, as did fans and fellow actors; their loss will always be mourned with great sorrow. Her memory will live on.

Net Worth

Darla Hood was an exceptional Movie Actress who amassed significant wealth through her career. She became most well-known for her roles in Our Gang films; however, she made guest appearances on several television programs as well as voice-over work. Darla also participated in solo singing acts at nightclubs.

She married twice: first to insurance salesman Robert W. Decker and later Jose Granson; she died of complications associated with hepatitis after having surgery at the age of 47 in North Hollywood, California.

Born November 8th 1931 in Leedey Oklahoma. Her life path number 6 symbolized immense love, affection and care towards others. As an empath, she found great satisfaction serving humanity for a greater good.

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