Dave Beer

Dave Beer – A Mellow, Smooth Blend of Booze and Malt

Dave is a smooth and sophisticated blend of alcohol and malt that has been aged for nearly two decades. This beer stands as testament to the craft of brewers and how time enhances flavors in beers.

Hair of the Dog recently released this beer and it sold out quickly. However, if you can still locate one, it might be worth keeping an eye out for.

Early Life and Education

Dave has had a major role in the Bellingham beer community. As one of the founders of Bellingham Beer Lab, he played an integral role in introducing craft beer to Bellingham and remains an influential figure for many in this sector.

He’s also been the host of Tapped In, our weekly podcast where he interviews brewers and brewery owners about their passion for beer. With years of experience in this field, he always looks for new voices to bring to our listeners.

Dave was raised with an affinity for Eastern philosophy and spirituality, which he attributes to helping him build the business he owns today. His products range from sparkling caffeinated water, kefir to non-dairy coconut yogurt – all health related.

Professional Career

Dave Beer has been a professional brewer for over ten years, working at various breweries and production facilities. Additionally, he teaches brewing classes at several colleges and universities throughout North Carolina.

When not brewing, Dave enjoys playing darts and golfing. He also likes to travel and sample various craft beers.

He is the co-founder of Sun King Brewing Company in Indianapolis with his friend Clay Robinson. They first met while working together at Circle V Brewing Company and quickly became close friends.

When they decided to open a brewery, they sought assistance from friends and family. Attorney Steve Koers provided legal counsel in writing their business plan, while they also hired a financial advisor for assistance with planning expenses related to the venture.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Beer has had a storied and esteemed career in the UK brewing industry. For his efforts, he has received numerous accolades.

He has also been featured in various media publications for his larger-than-life personality and hedonistic stories.

He is widely acknowledged for launching the T-shirt slogan trend, creating a line of men’s and women’s shirts featuring provocative graphics and messages.

He co-founded Save the World Brewing Company with his wife Quynh Rathkamp in Spokane, Washington. Their beers have earned many medals and can be found at local restaurants; additionally, a portion of their profits is donated to charity.

Personal Life

Dave Beer’s life has taken him down many different paths. From punk rocker to club promoter, he’s made a name for himself in the UK music scene and performed alongside legendary acts like Primal Scream and Public Enemy around the world.

In the 1990s, he launched his own label Damage and produced a line of T-shirts with provocative slogans. These designs appeared in fashion publications such as Drapers and GQ.

Now based in Leeds, he is one of the longest running promoters at Back To Basics nightclub, which he also owns as a record label. He has DJed at events such as Berlin Love Parade, Creamfields and Glastonbury; plus he wrote articles for Daily Sport and Mixmag about UK club culture.

Net Worth

Dave is a 19 year-old barleywine that has been frozen three times to increase its strength. With 29% alcohol content and three distinct freeze dates, this beer truly stands the test of time.

Hair of the Dog Brewery in Portland, Oregon brewed this beer and when twelve bottles were released this September, they quickly sold out.

Alan Sprints, the creator of daves beer, says it is intended to change people’s perspective on beer. He states: “Some wines are so special that people are willing to pay more than their true worth – but you’re paying for an experience,” according to NPR.

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