Dave Comstock

Dave Comstock – A Lifelong RC Enthusiast

Early Life and Education

Recently, research from multiple disciplines has demonstrated the long-term consequences of early life conditions on individual wellbeing throughout adulthood. These effects are especially prevalent in the United States, which ranks poorly on standard infant health indicators compared to other developed countries (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013).

There is ample evidence to show that interventions targeting early life conditions can have profound effects on individual wellbeing throughout their lifetime. Examples include WIC, home visiting initiatives using nurse practitioners and center-based early childhood care and education intervention programs.

Professional Career

Bob, currently the head honcho of Dave’s World, is an accomplished professional who strives to maximize his company’s profitability. His attention to detail and desire for perfection have allowed him to master sales, marketing and service with ease over the years.

Bob is a proud father of two, loving husband and an enthusiastic outdoorsman. When not keeping up with the latest real estate market trends, you’ll often find him pedaling his bike along Maine’s scenic trails.

When not at work, he can be found working on his latest project or taking his family and dog for a road trip. He enjoys reimagining his own home to fit his lifestyle needs.

Achievements and Honors

SEG’s Honor and Awards Program recognizes individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to geophysics or the Society. This initiative serves as a way for SEG to express its gratitude towards all those who make a difference within our profession and community.

Dave has been with Putzmeister since 1979, gradually taking on more responsibility in Gas Operations. His dedication and expertise make him a valuable member of the company and an inspiration to all those who have had the honor of working alongside him.

Dave has dedicated himself to coaching and rowing in addition to his professional work. As a three-year letterman on the Yale lightweight varsity, he captained it for several years. Furthermore, Dave was part of the inaugural U.S. national team competing in men’s lightweight eight, as well as rowing numerous world championship events.

Personal Life

Dave was known among model enthusiasts for his quality work and competitive edge. His showroom featured an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction, yet despite this busy schedule he still found time for golf games and beers with family members. Dave was a true gentleman who smiled widely when seeing his two beloved children and proud grandfather of four. Additionally, Dave is an enthusiastic RC enthusiast with interests in all things big and small scale; he even owned an enormous black lab named Dixie!

Net Worth

Dave Comstock, commonly referred to as Daddy Dave, is an accomplished professional street car racer best known for his appearances on the popular reality show Street Outlaws.

He has been a part of the show since its pilot episode debuted on Discovery Network in 2013. Each season he earns around $100,000 from the show as well as from endorsements.

Net worth is determined by subtracting all liabilities from all assets, which serves as an important indicator of someone’s financial security.

Assets include cash, retirement accounts, investment accounts and items that can be sold for cash such as cars or real estate. Liabilities include credit card debt, student loans and mortgages.

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