Dave Irish

Dave Irish

Dave Irish was a champion for land and lake. A passionate philanthropist who understood its unique roots, Dave was a tireless leader who also proved an excellent father and husband.

Dave has made history during 23 seasons of competitive practical handgun shooting competitions with 250+ major championship wins and world recognition. Additionally, his training of both novice and advanced shooters is unparalleled.

Early Life and Education

One of the greatest joys of participating in a dave competition is inspiring kids to become more creative. Not only is the competition fun, but also gives kids an outlet for showcasing their talents and getting out of the house! There are numerous dave competitions across both North America and Canada specifically tailored towards children of all ages and skill levels; popular contests for kids may include spelling bees, science fairs and art contests with younger children usually showing more enthusiasm about participating. Some more competitive contests may even take place at schools; most however are sponsored by local businesses or organizations dedicated to arts or sciences-themed competitions!

Professional Career

David has amassed an extensive professional career spanning over 15 years. With a life-long love of fishing, David began competing at the highest levels since 2003 in bass fishing tournaments including Bassmaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing Tour tournaments; winning several tournaments along the way and reaching numerous tournament finals as a result of these experiences.

Dave has enjoyed an equally successful broadcasting career, serving as play-by-play announcer of the Denver Broncos and making himself known throughout Colorado with his passion for both game and state. Thanks to this, he earned much respect within the industry and founded a service provider matching company called ConsumerConnector. When not broadcasting or on water he enjoys family time watching son Macy play basketball or daughter Mitchell drum in a marching band.

Achievement and Honors

Dave competitions provide students an opportunity to showcase their ability in various activities, such as academic achievement in chemistry or British literature, sports participation or extra-curricular endeavors.

The Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award (DSHSEA), first created to commemorate Olympic and World champion wrestler David Schultz upon his death in 1996, is awarded annually to the most outstanding high school senior male wrestler from across the United States for excellence in wrestling, scholastic achievement and citizenship.

CoSIDA recognized Reed for his leadership and service to the college division by bestowing upon him both the CSC Achievement Award (an associate or assistant director who shows dedication to athletics information) as well as Warren Berg Award, presented annually to one top college division athletics communicator for outstanding commitment and service.

Personal Life

Dave East has established himself as one of the most acclaimed and well-recognized performers of his generation. His accolades include being named American Idol season 18 champion and finalist on The Voice season 15. In addition to these honors, Dave also appeared in Wu-Tang Clan: An American Saga as Method Man; Netflix show; and Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok as Method Man.

Dave also excels at juggling multiple musical interests, from hip hop and electronic dance music to country and classic rock. His “genre-free” philosophy has won him fans around the globe; and this dave competitions page showcases all his latest projects so make sure to come back often!

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