Dave Woloshin

Dave Woloshin – The Voice of the Memphis Tigers

Dave Woloshin has been an iconic figure on Memphis’ sports scene for two and a half decades. He began as George Lapides’ co-host on WREC, joined Brett Norsworthy at Sports 56, and since 1999 hosted his own drive-time radio show called Sports Call.

As the potential impact of the coronavirus and its social distancing limits on sports are uncertain, Woloshin questions whether any sport can truly appeal to fans without an audience.

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Professional Career

Dave Woloshin has been the voice of Memphis for more than 25 years, providing fans with unforgettable music to accompany University of Memphis basketball games. From DeAngelo Williams’ 70-yard scamper at the Liberty Bowl to Rodney Carney’s rainmaking dunk at FedExForum, Woloshin’s voice has accompanied many highs and lows throughout Tiger basketball history.

Woloshin has extensive sports broadcasting experience, in addition to his play-by-play duties. He’s broadcast high school and college football, basketball, golf, USA Baseball and Arena Football games as well as two indoor soccer teams and the Memphis tennis tournament. Additionally he has boxed in competitions.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Woloshin has had to adjust his popular sports radio show “Sports 56 with Wolo and Stats.” He still covers a variety of sports but now the show focuses more on social distancing topics rather than games specifically.

Achievements and Honors

Dave Woloshin has become the voice of the Memphis Tigers basketball team, joining Brett “Stats” Norsworthy every weekday from 3 to 5 p.m. for radio coverage of their games.

He has been a part of the University of Memphis sports broadcast team for ten years, witnessing many changes in Memphis athletics since 1981 when he first arrived here.

He acknowledges he’s had his share of ups and downs, though he tries to accept them as part of life. He’s especially proud of how he’s kept the Tigers on the national radar during a time when many teams are struggling for recognition.

Personal Life

Dave Woloshin is an award-winning professional sports broadcaster who has been in the field for three decades. Currently, he serves as play-by-play announcer for both football and basketball games for the University of Memphis Tigers.

He is also a radio talk show host and member of the Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame, making him an iconic figure in local Jewish sports journalism. For his accomplishments, he has received numerous accolades.

Dave Woloshin has achieved great success in radio and television, but he also has an extraordinary personal life. As a father to two sons – Nathan (age six) and Jacob (five), he enjoys golfing, fishing and traveling; but most of all it’s great to spend time with friends and family.

Net Worth

Woloshin has earned his fortune through a career in sports media. He has been an anchor and reporter in Memphis, Tennessee for 25 years and estimates his net worth to be $1 million. In 1980, Woloshin graduated from Southern Illinois University in Bloomington with a degree in broadcast journalism; before that he worked at radio stations in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Cape Girardeau, Missouri before settling down in Memphis.

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