David Alvarez

David Alvarez

Canadian actor and dancer David Alvarez has been best known for his role in the Tony Award-winning musical Billy Elliot. He is one of the youngest Tony Award winners for a leading role in a musical. Alvarez is the son of a Mexican immigrant who immigrated to Canada at the age of nine. He is a multi-talented performer. He has received a Tony Award and a Grammy Award.

The actor has a wide range of career options and has appeared in many award-winning films and television shows. In addition to acting, he has also studied philosophy and psychology. He has also acted in 2 West End shows and two Broadway plays. He lives in Logan Heights, with his wife, Xochitl. David Alvarez is currently at work on “The Man Who Saved the World”, a drama that is based on the life and experiences of a Puerto Rican immigrant.

Alvarez began his ballet training in New York. While there, the casting directors for the Broadway show “Billy Elliot” stumbled upon him. He was still learning English and singing and acting, but he had not learned how to act or sing yet. Alvarez underwent a six-month “Billy bootcamp” to master the Geordie accent. He played Trent Kowalik opposite Kiril Kulish in the Broadway production of Billy Elliot (2008).

During his time studying philosophy at Case Western University, David Alvarez also performed in the hit musical “West Side Story.” His award-winning performance in Billy Elliot earned him the Tony Award for Best Actor. He realized his dream of being an actor only in his senior year. He instead pursued a philosophy degree. This would lead to a long career as an actor.

David Alvarez was elected to the San Diego City Council in 2010. He is the chair of the Environment Committee. He is also a member of the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee and the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee. He is also a member of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Board and the SANDAG Borders Committee. He is also a member of both the League of California Cities and the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the Science Exchange.

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