david archuleta tiktok

David Archuleta on TikTok

David Archuleta was a former American Idol winner. He was a teen idol who reached number one with “Try” in the mid-2000s. David Archuleta has come under fire for his controversial lyrics in recent months. He has now taken to TikTok. In two recent videos, he has clarified his words and apologized to fans.

Archuleta recently posted a TikTok with Billie Eilish. Some fans commented on the video and asked for clarification of the lyrics. Archuleta also posted TikToks together with superfans, such as Brooke Averick, better know as LadyEfron via TikTok. In these videos, Archuleta has posted a number of videos in which fans can interact with him and share their own opinions on his music.

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