David Bartick

David Bartick

David Bartick epitomized civility and professionalism. As a criminal defense attorney, his skill in the courtroom left juries and judges spellbound.

Judge Bartick had served on the judiciary for six years when he was suddenly struck with brain cancer. Surrounded by his family at home, Judge Bartick passed away peacefully at home.

Early Life and Education

David Bartick was born in Los Angeles on April 28, 1958 and went on to earn his degree from the University of California at Berkeley with a double major in political science and psychology.

He was a well-known criminal defense attorney in San Diego before becoming a magistrate judge. Known for his kindness and professionalism, he made people around him proud.

Judge Bartick was renowned for his civility and professionalism, embodying the kind of judge all judges should strive to be. Unfortunately, he passed away earlier this week after a long struggle with brain cancer.

Professional Career

Bartick was an esteemed criminal defense attorney, litigating some of the largest cases in state and federal court. These included “Operation Casablanca,” money laundering case, “A’s Bandit,” bank robbery case and cocaine seizure from “Russian Boat.”

He was the recipient of numerous honors, including that for civility and professionalism from the San Diego County Bar Association. Survived by his wife Terry and children Brian and Jenn, he passed away from brain cancer at home on February 18th 2018. To commemorate him, U.S. District Court for Southern District of California created The Hon. David H Bartick Award for Civility & Professionalism which will be presented to future judges who exemplify his spirit of civility.

Achievements and Honors

Long before he was appointed magistrate judge in the US federal court system, David Bartick’s name was synonymous with high quality legal advice and representation. A dedicated husband and father, bartick set an example for what it meant to be a lawyer in 21st century America. A proud member of the Federal Bar Association, his impressive list of clients speaks volumes for him. Besides being an accomplished professional, david bartick also had an affable nature that never took advantage of those around him. When not at work, he enjoyed traveling or hiking with his family when not working.

Personal Life

Bartick was an esteemed criminal defense attorney renowned for his courtroom skill and warmth.

He was an devoted family man and husband to his wife Terry. Together they had two children, Brian and Jenn.

In the early 1990s, Bartick stood up for David Malley – an accused “A’s Bandit” who robbed at least 28 local banks wearing an Oakland A’s baseball cap. Through negotiations with government authorities, he was spared potential death penalty exposure.

Magistrate Judge Bartick passed away earlier this week after a long struggle with brain cancer at 59 years old. Surrounded by his family on Sunday night, court officials reported him dead at home. To honor Judge Bartick’s legacy, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California created the Hon. David H. Bartick Award for Civility and Professionalism to recognize attorneys who embody those qualities admired by Judge Bartick.

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