David Bilinovich

David Bilinovich, 77, of Wadsworth, Ohio, passed away on November 12, 2022

David Bilinovich, 77 years old, passed away November 12, 2022 in Wadsworth, Ohio. Survived by his daughter Andrea Nardell; grandchildren Collin and Gavin Nardell; sons Marty Bilinovich, Bradley Bilinovich, Blake Bilinovich and Beau Bilinovich; former wife Pamela Bilinovich; 11 siblings; as well as many other family members and friends, David leaves behind a legacy that will last forever.

Achievements and Honors

David Bilinovich was a long-standing member of the Defense and Veterans Administration (DAV), having served his country as a Navy corpsman during the Vietnam War. Aside from his military service, Bilinovich also excelled in other areas such as sports fanaticism and family devotion. As proud father to two sons – Marty and Bradley – and grandfather to Andrea Nardell and Blake Bilinovich, his life had many blessings.

He was also recognized with a variety of awards and accolades, the most exciting being receiving the Congressional Gold Medal for his efforts in creating a system to track and register mobile apps and websites for federal agencies. Receiving this award served to recognize his many contributions to DAV community as well as honor him personally for his successes.

Personal Life

David Bilinovich had an enchanting life filled with laughter, friends and family. His deep affection for Sherry, his wife of 30 years, and their children was unwavering. Additionally, David had a deep-seated passion for music – often listening to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin at full volume on his stereo system.

He was an inspiring member of the Disabled American Veterans and worked as assistant supervisor in their Cleveland office. Additionally, he had long been a supporter of Medina County Veterans Service Commission. Many people looked up to him as their role model; including his wife and children who struggled with visual impairments due to which he could better comprehend people’s circumstances than most. Truly an amazing individual who will be sorely missed.

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