David Buffham

David Buffham

David Buffham is an internationally-acclaimed artist whose works have been showcased at many renowned events. Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous choreographers.

He has served as an Independent Non-Executive Director at Zytronic Plc since 2010.

Early Life and Education

In 1834, David’s father Neil brought home a pamphlet by Karl Gutzlaff calling for medical missionaries in China. David used this opportunity to persuade his dad that his desire to study medicine could serve religious purposes.

He saved up enough money to attend Anderson’s College in Glasgow as a medical student, as well as taking Greek classes at Glasgow University and listening to Divinity lectures by John Wardlaw. Furthermore, he volunteered his services at Hamilton Church.

Buxton’s concerns encompassed the entire field of “aborigines’ rights”, that is, colonialism and its effects on indigenous peoples. He served as president of the Aborigines Protection Society – established for that purpose – and chaired a parliamentary committee on Aboriginal Tribes.

He was a devout Christian and advocated for the advancement of uncivilized peoples. A lifelong Episcopalian, he served as vestryman at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Fayetteville as an Episcopalian.

Professional Career

David Buxton has been in the banking industry for more than two decades and is currently a relationship manager at SVB Private Bank in Boston. His responsibilities include providing financial planning, wealth management and personal lending solutions to members of the innovation economy.

Buxton holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Whittemore School at the University of New Hampshire and is both a Certified Financial PlannerTM and Certified Wealth StrategistTM. His hobbies include sports, photography and reading. He currently resides with his wife in Waltham, Massachusetts where he spends time with his two beautiful daughters. In addition to his professional career, Buxton is also an devoted father and husband; teaching them that being true to themselves and never stopping learning is the most important lesson he can impart on them. Most importantly though, spending quality time with them remains top priority for him when working.

Achievements and Honors

David buffham has had a remarkable career, earning several awards along the way. His most noteworthy achievements include serving as President and Chief Executive Officer at Zytronic, makers of touch sensors. Additionally, he serves on the board of trustees at Trinity Christian College in San Diego as part of their basketball team and serves as an ambassador for CCAC Scholar-Athletes.

Recently, The New York Times recognized Buffham as one of America’s 100 Most Powerful People for his work at Zytronic and involvement with Santa Clarita’s Cowboy Festival – one of the largest annual celebrations of Western music in America.

Personal Life

David buffham never forgot to make time for his family, despite his success. He was an adoring father to his sons and daughter, as well as deeply committed to his wife.

He is the former Chair of Zytronic plc and currently sits on the boards of Newcastle Building Society and William Leech (Investments) Ltd. Additionally, he serves on their Group Risk Committees and Nominations and Remuneration committees.

He recently resigned his position as director at Zytronic due to illness, and also took a leave of absence from his chairmanship of Newcastle Building Society. Additionally, he is an active member of Atlantic Community Church and enjoys riding his motorcycle. Survived by his children Christopher Warren of Salem; Eric Buffham and Lindsay Buffham of Greendale; plus grandchildren Hailey Warren, Aliyah Warren and Stella Warren – he will always remember those special times!

Net Worth

David Buxton is an American professional baseball player for the Minnesota Twins. He was drafted by the team in 2012 and has been with them ever since.

He is a member of the Minnesota Twins’ center fielder rotation and was signed to a contract with a $6 million signing bonus in 2012.

The 28-year-old American began dating Lindsey Tilley during high school, and they eventually tied the knot in 2016. Together they have two sons: Brix Scott Buxton and Blaze Jett Buxton.

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