David Bundi

David Bundi

David Bundi is an active participant in the global RegTech community, serving as thought leader at Swiss chapter of International RegTech Association, Expert for RegTech at Swiss FinTech Innovations Association and working group member on key RegTech projects. With legal training from Switzerland, EU, UK and US law, plus five languages spoken fluently; David enjoys traveling to FinTech and RegTech innovation conferences around the world.

Early Life and Education

Sir Max David, affectionately known as Wawi Max, is the Kukurai or grand chief of Usino-Bundi district in Madang Province and renowned for his extraordinary leadership qualities. His unfailing sense of service to residents of Bundi, Ramu and Brahman LLGs within Usino-Bundi district has earned him the title “Wawi Max.”

Last Friday at a ceremony held at the mission station in Brahman, local MP Jimmy Uguro announced that work had started on creating an Agriculture Technical College named after Sir Max David. He expressed his delight that this honor befitted such an ardent Catholic missionary who had tirelessly advocated for rural communities throughout Brahman and Bundi area for years.

Professional Career

David Bundi is an experienced professional with more than 12 years of expertise in Legal & Compliance, Innovation and Project Management within the banking industry. Before joining PwC he worked for both Zurich’s largest global bank as well as multiple international private banks in Switzerland before joining PwC. Furthermore he serves as Chief Compliance Officer at an innovative retail bank and serves on advisory boards for two RegTech startups.

He has established an unparalleled global network in RegTech and is widely considered a thought-leader within it. This expertise is evident by his position as judge at international regulatory technology competitions such as FCA’s TechSprint, his role as RegTech Expert for economiesuisse – Swiss FinTech Innovations Association – and President of RegTechtalks Association. Furthermore, he is in high demand as a speaker on RegTech, AI/ML, Innovation, Data science and other cutting edge technologies within regulatory affairs.

Achievement and Honors

David Bundi is a Senior Manager at PwC’s Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Practice. A self-described Metaverse Strategy & Regulatory Leader, his expertise includes Data management, Digital assets, as well as the intersection between Law and technology. With 12 years of experience under his belt, David Bundi has become an excellent ambassador for his firm.

Years ago, it was easy to spot him at a gala dinner event for his company. He enjoyed spending time with family and friends as well as hitting some holes at the local golf course. Throughout his tenure in Usino-Bundi, he helped make significant improvements towards a more modern district – from installing an all new roofing iron factory to rural electrification.

Personal Life

David Bundi is a Senior Legal & Compliance expert and an internationally renowned thought leader in RegTech. He serves as judge at startup competitions such as AML & Financial Crime TechSprint and Medici Top 21 while serving on the advisory boards of two RegTech firms.

He is the Metaverse Strategy & Regulatory Leader at EY Switzerland and an expert on Digital Assets, Financial Crime Compliance and Law/Technology intersection. With many years of experience advising clients in financial services and non-financial services industries across Switzerland, Europe and Middle East, he continues to advise companies.

He is the proud father of three children and lives in Switzerland. In his free time he enjoys reading books and playing video games, but he also likes to cycle. Additionally, his passion for the environment drives him to be an active environmental activist.

Net Worth

David Bundi has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million. He works as Head of RegTech and Senior Manager at PwC Legal Switzerland, serving as an international expert in legal & compliance, innovation, project management within the banking industry. Furthermore, David serves as judge at international regulatory technology competitions, thought leader of the Swiss chapter of International RegTech Association, expert for Swiss FinTech Innovations Association and has extensive international connections within RegTech space.

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