David Cartwright

David Cartwright

David Cartwright is a real estate developer who has assisted numerous clients throughout the US and Europe formulate their corporate real estate strategy. His services range from turnkey projects to leasing/subleasing arrangements, design-build contracts, development agreements and California Environmental Quality Act adherence.

He earned his degree from Lincoln Grammar School and Selwyn College, Cambridge before being ordained an Episcopalian in 1944.

Early Life and Education

David Cartwright was raised in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. He attended high school at Buckhannon-Upshur High School and later earned a degree in science from West Virginia Wesleyan College.

After graduating, he worked for several years as a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Later, he and his wife Carole moved to Oregon where they purchased an acreage in East Rush Lake for 174 acres.

He then spent much of his free time traveling the globe, while also dedicating himself to research on 19th century philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He translated many of Schopenhauer’s essays into English and is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on this subject.

Professional Career

Cartwright had a distinguished career as a physicist, studying waves and tides. His research projects earned him numerous accolades for his efforts.

He was an accomplished artist, creating paintings depicting movement and action. Additionally, he directed several films and won the award for best documentary at Canada Short Film Festival.

He joined IOS in 1974 and assumed responsibility for running the Bidston laboratory on Bidston Hill opposite Liverpool. The Bidston lab proved a huge success, becoming the hub of oceanography research at IOS.

Achievements and Honors

David Cartwright is an award-winning film director. His short documentaries include Walter, which won best documentary at the Canada Short Film Festival.

He directed “written in red,” which was selected and screened at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival. With his career in filmmaking underway, he proudly contributes to Canadian cinema culture.

He was born in London but spent his early childhood years on the south coast of England in Worthing. His parents ran a hotel along the beach front which became an integral part of his life.

Personal Life

David Cartwright is a professor of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and an expert on the works of 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

He is also a filmmaker and director, having directed the award-winning documentary Walter as well as creating and directing a short film called Written in Red.

When not studying, he enjoys painting. His style draws inspiration from Napoleonic era Europe and Crimea.

At Cambridge University in England, he studied physics, mathematics and electronics as well as other topics. His tutor encouraged him to do as many sciences as possible so that he could obtain a full University degree.

Net Worth

David Cartwright was born in 1926 in London and quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished actor, appearing in numerous movies and television shows throughout his career.

He was an incredibly successful businessman, owning several restaurants.

His net worth is estimated to be $5 million dollars, earned through his acting and other sources of income.

His career included many Western-themed films and series such as Gunsmoke, The Rifleman and Maverick. Additionally, he was cast in the popular TV show Bonanza which made him a global star with an adoring fan base. For 14 seasons, this beloved show ran until its end in 2006 from an apparent heart attack; unfortunately, this hardworking individual will be missed by many.

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