David Cornsweet

David Cornsweet

David Cornsweet is an outstanding Marriage and Family Therapist in Encinitas, CA. He has earned the respect of his peers with his dedication and enthusiasm for helping patients.

He is an expert in neuroscience research and has published many scientific papers. One of his discoveries was that certain regions of the visual system respond specifically to Cornsweet illusions caused by high-pass filtered edges.

Early Life and Education

David Cornswet was born on July 8th 1993 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer.

He is the son of John Corenswet and Caroline Packard. Additionally, he has an older sister named Amy Packard.

His father, a stage actor from New York City, greatly influenced him in developing an interest for physical comedies.

Additionally, he was profoundly influenced by the Marx Brothers. Growing up, he and his sister would watch classic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies together.

He completed his schooling at The Shipley School before graduating from The Juilliard School with a bachelor’s degree in drama.

Professional Career

David Cornsweet has established himself as an accomplished and renowned actor, best known for his portrayal of River Barkley in The Politician. Additionally, he will star as Jack in Hollywood (2020)

At the age of nine, Corenswet began his acting career and has been a successful actor ever since. His credits include numerous movies and TV shows such as One Bad Choice, Controversy, Elementary, and House of Cards.

He earned his degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Juilliard, where he majored in drama. Additionally, he co-created the sketch comedy series Moe & Jerryweather which premiered on YouTube in 2014.

Achievements and Honors

David Cornsweet has earned numerous accolades for his extraordinary work, such as the Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Academy Award and Emmy Awards. Additionally he was recognized with American Film Institute award and American Theater Wing award honoree status. Additionally he received multiple nominations in recognition of his efforts.

He has also been actively engaged in a number of community projects and activities. He served as director of the Wills 4-H Fair in Maryland and is currently on the board for the All-American Dairy Show. Additionally, he has worked with Farm Service Agency and Howard County Agricultural Land Preservation Board. A proud Maryland native and graduate of The Juilliard School, his involvement extends beyond these organizations.

Personal Life

David Cornsweet is an expert when it comes to health care. As a top Marriage & Family Therapist in Encinitas, CA, his passion and commitment have enabled him to make significant improvements in patients’ lives. As an exemplary philanthropist, he has earned himself a place of honor by donating substantial sums to numerous charitable organizations and causes. Furthermore, he serves as co-Trustee and Director of the Gumpert Foundation – which offers funding, consultation and training services to charitable entities of all sizes in America. The best part is his impressive list of accolades to prove it. Fortune magazine even recognized him as one of the best professionals in his field! Despite his busy schedule, he still manages to maintain an active social life – often referred to as the fabled mummy!

Net Worth

David Cornsweet is a clinical psychologist and counselor with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He co-founded the Divine Will Foundation to bring healing and inspiration to society, serving as trustee for Gumpert Foundation which provides charitable support and training to nonprofit organizations around the world, along with several humanitarian and cultural institutions throughout his career. Furthermore, David has been married to his wife for over thirty years; together they have two children.

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