David Darnell

David Darnell

David Darnell is an accomplished trial lawyer, having achieved numerous multi-million dollar judgments, verdicts and settlements. His experience spans across numerous business, contract and complex commercial cases.

He has successfully defended numerous lawsuits involving corporate governance, fiduciary duties, partnerships and fraud in both state and federal courts.

Early Life and Education

David Darnell was born in Clovis, New Mexico and is a retired professor, preacher, professional scholar and writer.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a law degree from Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles. A certified trial attorney, his record of success speaks for itself.

As a lawyer, he has secured numerous multi-million dollar judgments, verdicts and settlements for his clients. Furthermore, he has vigorously defended cases in trials and arbitrations that led to significant results for his clients.

Professional Career

David Darnell is an accomplished trial attorney with an unparalleled knack for getting results. His clients have benefitted from his multi-million dollar jury verdicts, settlements and arbitration awards.

He was selected as a Super Lawyer in 2015 and has been recognized by his peers as one of Orange County’s top legal advisors for several years. His practice encompasses litigation related to business, contract and complex commercial matters as well as disputes involving corporate governance, fiduciary duties, partnerships, fraud and torts.

He holds an MBA from Wake Forest University and boasts a diverse business experience, as well as being known for his entrepreneurial drive. As the owner of Forks & Flavors restaurant in Kennesaw, Georgia – which combines his love for food and entertainment – he has created an innovative upscale restaurant with an exciting concept.

Achievements and Honors

Professor Darnell of Rockefeller University pioneered research into the molecular machinery by which genes send “molecular cues” to their cell nucleus through messenger RNA (mRNA). These signals may instruct genes to express certain hormones or other proteins, or may halt gene expression or activation.

He also recruited and mentored a number of outstanding young scientists to his laboratory, many of whom have gone on to become full professors, laboratory directors, or leaders at research institutions worldwide.

Personal Life

David Darnell was born in North Carolina and is an accomplished actor and singer. He has earned several accolades for his work.

He was married for 22 years, and is survived by his wife and children.

He was a deacon at Beulah Baptist Church for 12 years and recently joined Highlands Community Church in Opelika, Alabama. As a devout believer, his service to God will never be forgotten.

Throughout his professional career, he was honored with the highest honor a lawyer can receive: the esteemed Trial Lawyer of the Year award. Additionally, he has won multiple judicial appeals.

He and his wife enjoy complementing one another both inside and outside the restaurant they own and operate in Kennesaw, Georgia. Together, they share a passion for creating an atmosphere of celebration.

Net Worth

Darnell is a commercial banker at Bank of America and has been with the company since 1979, currently serving as co-chief operating officer.

He is also the president of Global Commercial Banking, where he oversees all products that provide individual customers and clients with deposit, card, home loan and business banking as well as wealth management services.

His net worth is estimated to be $4 million. He owns shares in four companies.

Buck’s trademarked name may be his most valuable asset. Despite his bankruptcy, his trustee is looking to monetize on the star’s iconic moniker.

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