David Descottier

David Descottier

David Desecottier is a therapist renowned for his work. He holds a bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies from Texas Tech University as well as a master’s in counseling from Oklahoma State University.

He is survived by his daughters Stephen Ashley (Alex) of Lubbock and Nicole of Oklahoma City; as well as a nephew he called son, Joel DeSecottier from Oklahoma City.

Early Life and Education

David descottier was born to Lydia Valdez on September 12, 1968 in Lubbock, Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University with his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Human Development and Family Studies as well as his Masters Degree in Counseling. He had also worked as a therapist, teacher and vice-principal in public schools before returning home where he enjoyed spending time with his daughters, nieces and nephews whom brought joy into his life.

He has published numerous articles on language and literacy, the relationship between children’s vocabulary and conceptual knowledge, as well as how to change teaching practices to increase intellectual challenge. Additionally, he collaborated with other researchers on playful strategies for learning new words. Furthermore, he served on the boards of directors for organizations like Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), National Head Start Association, and Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), currently holding a professorial position at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Achievement and Honors

As the owner of one of Cedar Hill’s finest (and tastiest) restaurants, David descottier deserves recognition for setting the bar for dining in this city of angels. Aside from his culinary masterpieces and staff’s tireless effort, it is his adherence to some basic rules of the game which makes him undisputed winner of Best Restaurateur in town. With an excellent reputation for customer service, food safety standards that surpass industry standards, plus numerous community events that make Cedar Hill such a great place to live and do business, David descottier stands as being well-suited member of this great community who knows how to keep his wits about him when things get tough.

Personal Life

David Descottier is a life coach who has helped people around the world achieve their objectives. His clients have included those looking to double their income, overcome addictions and mental health issues, find fulfillment in their career, and achieve spectacular success as business owners.

David also works with individuals on a spiritual level, helping them discover their true identity and purpose in life. Additionally, he advocates for gay rights, animal welfare, gun violence prevention, and voter registration.

In 1999, David founded the Bohnett Foundation with his earnings from GeoCities. Through it he provides grant funding and technology to organizations striving for social change through technology. To date, through this foundation David has donated more than $109 million towards causes such as AIDS service organizations, LGBTQ rights issues and gun violence prevention.

Net Worth

David descottier has an estimated net worth of PS8billion. His fortune has been made through the banking industry and through his family’s international business empire. As the son of Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, who was knighted for his services to banking and finance, David also works as an interior designer and television personality; most recently hosting My Lottery Dream Home: David’s Dream House on HGTV. David owns numerous properties which he is constantly renovating; he lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karina Deyko; together they share two children.

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