David Emden

David Emden

David Emden is a Senior Managing Director in Newmark’s Manhattan headquarters. His expertise encompasses representing private equity firms, hedge funds, financial services firms and tech firms both locally in Manhattan and internationally.

He enjoys a well-deserved reputation and is sought-after as an advisor. His team specializes in tenant representation, strategic planning, acquisitions and dispositions.

Early Life and Education

Children experience a rapid development process during their early childhood years (birth to age 5), when they lay the foundations for social skills, self-esteem and moral outlook. It is an incredibly important period in a child’s life as this period allows for communication, exploration and exploration of ideas.

Childhood experiences have the potential to shape a child’s intellectual capacity, behavior and physical and mental health for life. Therefore, it is critical that children receive supportive environments and are exposed to positive influences during this critical period.

David Emden, Senior Managing Director in Newmark’s New York office, has a deep-seated appreciation for early childhood education and works tirelessly to guarantee that children are prepared for school. Additionally, he actively advocates for children’s rights; thus his expertise in this field is highly regarded.

Professional Career

David Emden has extensive experience in the commercial real estate sector. As a Senior Managing Director with Newmark Knight Frank, his duties include tenant representation, strategic planning and acquisition/disposition services to private equity firms, hedge funds, financial services firms and tech startups located throughout Manhattan.

He has served as a consultant to JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs, and he’s an engaging speaker at national and international conferences. Additionally, he’s part of the REBNY Young Mens/Womens Real Estate Association and fellow of RICS; best of all? Working alongside his dad Robert Emden – senior managing director at Newmark – who has been in the industry for over two decades.

Achievement and Honors

David Emden has extensive experience in the real estate sector. As Senior Managing Director at Newmark in Manhattan, his expertise encompasses over two decades of commercial real estate management. David Emden has extensive experience in commercial leasing and tenant representation for a range of clients, such as tech firms, financial services firms and private equity firms. He has an enviable record when it comes to finding quality space while minimizing renter hassles. David is proud to have earned the prestigious Newmark Gold Award for Best Leasing and Representation in Manhattan, an honor which recognizes his superior performance at a yearly competition held by this industry-leading firm. This recognition serves as a fitting tribute to all that David has achieved and serves as recognition of those in the business who excel.

Personal Life

David Emden was an exemplary and caring man. He dedicated his life to aiding those less fortunate.

He held his family, including his sister and nephew, in high regard. As a dedicated friend, he delighted in sharing his enthusiasm for baseball and basketball with others.

Throughout his lifetime, he published thirty-one works. Ten of these were done posthumously.

His books are highly esteemed among Hasidim.

Although he disapproved of the Hasidic movement, he vigorously promoted Orthodox Judaism throughout his lifetime. A renowned Talmudist, he received praise from Moses Mendelssohn – founder of the Jewish Enlightenment era – for his efforts.

Net Worth

David Emden boasts a net worth of $15 million as the Senior Managing Director for Newmark, an internationally renowned real estate investment firm with headquarters in New York City.

He is an experienced representative for private equity firms, hedge funds and other global investors with over two decades of experience under his belt. With such a reputable track record in the industry, his expertise is well-recognized.

In 2017, the heirs of Max Emden, a German department store magnate who lost much of his fortune when Nazis took power, filed a lawsuit to recover an 18th-century painting from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston that had once belonged to Emden and which they claim was returned illegally after World War II in an illegal mix-up. This painting by Italian painter Bernardo Bellotto had once belonged to Emden; according to its heirs it was never returned to him.

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