David Faber Net Worth

David Faber is an esteemed financial journalist best known for his work with CNBC. The income generated from Squawk on the Street alone accounts for much of his net worth; other income sources include book sales and documentary hosting.

Jenny Harris is a business journalist and television producer; she is also Jesse Harris’ fraternal twin sister. They married at New York’s Rainbow Room on December 9, 2000.

Early Life and Education

David Faber is an esteemed American financial journalist and market news analyst who works at CNBC cable business news channel. Known for making complex money concepts understandable to everyday Americans, David’s expertise can make complex stock market concepts clear for his audience.

He is also an author who has produced books that have received critical acclaim. Royalties from these books make up an important source of income. Additionally, he is active as a philanthropist and has donated money to multiple charitable causes.

Jenny Harris, a business journalist and television producer. They were married at New York City’s Rainbow Room on April 13, 2000. He and Jenny share two children; his mother is Polish Jewish while his father’s heritage includes both English and Swiss-German roots.

Professional Career

David Faber has established himself in the business world for decades and earned himself an impressive reputation within it. Known mainly for his work with CNBC as co-host of Squawk on the Street morning show, his earnings from this role alone have enabled him to amass an enormous fortune; additional sources of income for David include book sales and documentary hosting.

His work has garnered him various accolades and awards, such as the 2005 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award and Loeb Award for Broadcast Journalism for his documentary on Walmart’s history. Additionally, Jenny Harris who also works in business journalism was his partner.

Achievement and Honors

As a professional journalist, Faber has amassed an extensive following due to his insightful interviews and analysis. Additionally, his books have only added to his credibility and popularity.

His hard work and dedication have resulted in him becoming one of the world’s premier financial journalists. His coverage of important economic issues earned him numerous honors such as Peabody and Loeb awards.

He is married to Jenny Harris, an employee in his field. The two have been in a relationship for several years and are thought to have two children. Rabbi Judith Lewis officiated their wedding in New York’s Rainbow Room in 2000; it remains an ideal relationship today.

Personal Life

David Faber and Jenny Harris share an enduring commitment to their professions and support each other through all its rigors.

Faber remains unassuming and dedicated to his work despite an impressive list of accomplishments, striving to provide viewers with an easy-to-grasp overview of finance.

Faber has earned himself an impressive fortune through co-hosting Squawk on the Street, writing books and documentaries as well as receiving various prestigious awards in his career. These projects contribute to his impressive earnings; thus making him one of the highest paid business news anchors currently active.

Net Worth

David Faber is widely respected within the financial industry for his impressive net worth and career spanning three decades. As host of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street program on CNBC he has earned him numerous accolades including multiple Emmy awards. Furthermore, his books exploring topics relating to finance further increase his overall worth.

David Faber currently boasts an estimated net worth of $40 Million thanks to a diverse set of income streams and his generous philanthropic activities, particularly as an advocate for autism awareness – this issue being dearly close to his heart due to having an autistic child himself. Several prestigious accolades have been bestowed upon him for this work including receiving the Peabody award for The Age of Walmart documentary film project.

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