David Falke

A Look at David Falke

David Falke is an esteemed expert in airflow testing and duct system performance. He co-founded National Comfort Institute with Dominick Guarino and continues to educate HVAC professionals on how to measure and optimize their systems’ airflow.

Falke began his career in the HVAC industry as a service technician and salesman for his family’s business. He quickly discovered his passion for measuring airflow and applying commercial balancing knowledge to residential HVAC systems.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Dave Falke is a pioneer of the HVAC industry, having developed the first commercial airflow balancing system and modern air flow testing device. Additionally, he founded National Comfort Institute – an organization which has been instrumental in educating and training thousands of HVAC professionals for decades.

He quickly rose to become one of the industry’s most renowned figures. As such, he was asked to write articles for trade publications like Contracting Business and International Air Conditioning Association; additionally, his face appeared in numerous TV and radio commercials. But perhaps most notably, his name-brand company and founding of Boulder Crest Foundation–a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding combat veterans, first responders, and their families recover from trauma–stand as testaments to his impact on this industry.

Achievement and Honors

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Personal Life

David Falke is not only a powerful figure in the religious space, but an all-around good guy as well. He’s proud dad to 4 kids: Desmond, Keira, Owen and Mikaela.

Dave is an executive at Liquid Church, leading the charge in creating an environment that empowers its big-hearted leaders to fulfill their vision to Saturate our State with Jesus Christ. When not working, Dave enjoys being outdoors and playing golf at his local course during winters. Apart from having one beautiful wife, Dave finds joy in having so many devoted friends and neighbors. Despite his busy schedule, Dave still finds time for volunteerism at KCMO Chamber of Commerce events.

Net Worth

One of the essential ingredients in building your net worth is cultivating a network of people who can assist you along the way. David Falke has built his network through family, friends and business associates who share his values of integrity, humility and teamwork.

He enjoys giving back to the community and supporting philanthropic causes. These endeavors have enabled him to build a personal network of peers, colleagues and advisors who can offer helpful feedback, inspiration and ideas when needed. These connections help him grow his business, enhance his reputation and increase his net worth. Moreover, his strong work ethic keeps him constantly searching for new opportunities to expand 3Pillar further while developing his career. This dedication has ultimately contributed to the success of 3Pillar itself;

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