David Feng

David Feng v Hobart Superior Court

David Feng is a renowned respiratory medicine and pulmonary/lung specialist who treats patients with various respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, COPD, interstitial lung disease and pleural disorders. He has earned himself an impressive reputation as an influential speaker and promoter of best practice within his field.

In this case, he contends that his pleas of nolo contendere are invalid due to a violation of Rule 11 of the Superior Court Rules of Criminal Procedure by the trial justice who accepted them.

Early Life and Education

David Feng was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and attended Cardinal Newman High School where he excelled at football and other extracurricular activities. After graduating with distinction from Brown University, he pursued a professional career in public relations.

He was an accomplished magician and mentalist, having performed for celebrities such as Jay Park, Annie Leblanc, Jacob Sartorius, Comedian Laura Clery, Fatboy SSE, Rapper Goldlink, DJ Krewella and Alison Wonderland. His most recent performance was a sold out concert at Beaux Arts Hall in New York City. A self-described “multitasker,” he enjoyed travelling the world doing everything from scuba diving to sailing to flying – no task was too great for this experienced adventurer!

Professional Career

David Feng is a dual-trained physician who recently relocated from Melbourne to Hobart. He has begun private practice at Hobart Cardiology and Medical Specialists.

He is a Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician with extensive expertise in pleural medicine. He completed his general training at Western Health and Ballarat Health in Victoria before specializing in this area of expertise.

His passion for travel has inspired him to work and travel extensively around the world. He loves spending time with his family while meeting new people, which has allowed him to explore new cultures firsthand.

He is also an active social media user with over 100,000 followers on Instagram (mr.d.feng). He loves to share his travels and experiences online with his audience.

Achievements and Honors

David Feng is the director of vascular and interventional radiology at Ocean Medical Center in Brick, New Jersey. He has earned a national and international reputation as an expert on minimally invasive procedures such as dialysis patients’ access to veins, as well as treating life-threatening bleeding venous varicosities and venous insufficiency disease.

He has won numerous awards, including the Society of Interventional Radiology & Invasive Cardiology’s outstanding clinical performance award and American College of Phlebology’s excellence award for venous disease research and education. Additionally, he is a fellow of both American College of Physicians, New Jersey Medical Society, and Radiological Society of North America.

He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and has published over 257 papers and given 259 conference talks, in addition to holding 40 U.S. patents in semiconductor microelectronics.

Personal Life

David Feng is a mentalist and magician from New York City. He has performed for various artists and celebrities, such as kpop star Jay Park.

He is also a member of the TED community, where he has given talks about magic. Additionally, TEDx North Adams in Massachusetts invited him to speak at their event.

He spent 35 years as a professor of civil engineering at the University of Colorado, teaching numerous CU projects such as Earthquake Resistant Buildings and Space Craft Structural Design.

Net Worth

David Feng is a renowned magician and mentalist in the United States, having been featured on TED talks as well as for celebrities such as Jay Park, Masego, Jacob Sartorius, among others.

He is currently the top-ranked magician on YouTube with over 4 million views. In early 2019, he was invited to perform at Asia’s Got Talent and eventually won it.

Feng’s net worth is estimated to be at least $3.37 million as of 6 February 2023. He owns 3,234 units of Usana Health Sciences Inc stock and makes $1,386,850 as Chief Field Development Officer at the company; according to his Form 4 filed with the SEC in 2018, he has made 19 trades since then.

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