David Fohrman

David Fohrman, Attorney

Rabbi David Fohrman is the founder of Aleph Beta, a non-profit media company that creates high quality Torah videos. Additionally, he lectures widely on Biblical topics around the world.

His unique approach to Bible study involves uncovering previously overlooked patterns within the text that provide answers to new, intriguing questions – something he refers to as “inter-textuality.”

Early Life and Education

Rabbi David Fohrman, founder and Dean of Aleph Beta Academy, is an internationally acclaimed lecturer on Biblical topics. Additionally, he serves as senior writer and editor for ArtScroll’s Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud.

His approach to Torah text study is both intellectually rigorous and emotionally captivating. He draws from Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky, the Rosh Yeshivah of Ner Israel, for this method.

He has served as professor of philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and has taught classes to students of all religious backgrounds. His mission is to make his insights accessible to all Jews.

He is the author of two books, The Beast That Crouches at the Door and The Queen You Thought You Knew. In these works, he urges readers to view Torah with new eyes.

Professional Career

David Fohrman has extensive legal experience representing companies and individuals involved in real estate and business deals around the world. As a partner at two of the world’s premier law firms – Jones Day and White & Case – he served as chair of their global general real property section.

Rabbi Fohrman has also created animated videos to explain Torah concepts for Aleph Beta’s educational website. Drawing inspiration from Khan Academy, these videos utilize a casual style that draws viewers in and makes them feel like part of an interactive conversation.

These videos have amassed thousands of subscribers and an international following, making them the most successful in their category. The website is operated by a team of highly skilled writers, editors and graphics artists who dedicate themselves to producing top quality content.

Achievements and Honors

David Fohrman is the founder and chief exemplification of Aleph Beta Academy, an initiative to bring Torah alive through captivating videos. Additionally, he served as adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and worked as a lead writer and editor on ArtScroll’s Talmud translation project.

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin’s most remarkable accomplishment is his methodological approach to Bible text interpretation, leading him to write several books including The Exodus You Almost Missed (Maggid Books) and The Queen You Thought You Knew: An Unorthodox Approach to Esther (Torah Books). On this podcast, Rabbi Bashevkin shares stories about his impressive career so far; be sure to check out his latest book and subscribe to his blog for regular updates!

Personal Life

David Fohrman is an internationally acclaimed lecturer on biblical themes. He serves as principal educator at Aleph Beta Academy, which brings Torah to life through captivating videos. Additionally, he served as senior writer and editor for ArtScroll’s Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud, in addition to teaching Biblical topics at Johns Hopkins University.

He is an experienced teacher who draws upon patterns in the Hebrew text to reveal novel connections between stories in different parts of the Bible. He does so in a relaxed and approachable manner that feels like having a friendly conversation.

David had learned from Rav Yaakov Weinberg ztz”l that non-Jews should be taught how to think. Therefore, David devised a methodology which is both intellectually rigorous and emotionally engaging. Through these methods he used for Chumash, Nach, and Midrashei Chazal that would instill in his students an inner wisdom of these words of Chazal.

Net Worth

David Fohrman has an estimated net worth of $500 million. As an attorney specializing in music and media law, he has negotiated music rights deals for artists such as Logic, Charlie Puth (LG, TikTok, Grub Hub), Skylar Grey, Jazmine Sullivan and A$AP Ferg. In addition to these services he handles high-net-worth estate planning for clients such as actors, directors, writers and producers. David serves as founding partner at Mulrooney & Fohrman Inc. with offices located both in NYC and Los Angeles; they specialize in branding deals for emerging musicians along with social-media platforms and technology companies while serving as expert witnesses in complex business or financial cases.

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