David Gulian

Futura Mobility CEO David Gulian

Futura Mobility CEO David Gulian has an extensive background in enterprise mobility and wireless/mobile computing, having worked in these areas for more than 15 years.

Prior to joining Futura Mobility, he served as CEO of InfoLogix Inc., which he helped transform from an entrepreneurial startup into a successful public company. Additionally, he served as consultant to companies in healthcare, technology, and publishing industries.

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Professional Career

David Gulian is an accomplished executive with an eye for making connections. Most recently, he served as CFO of multibillion-dollar Futura Mobility LLC located in Austin Texas’s tech hub. The company provides enterprise mobility and user support solutions through their cloud-based platform; their small but mighty staff of 200 can vouch for them. Thanks to these cutting-edge cloud-based services, David is able to offer mobile technology solutions to organizations and users alike with prompt communication and superior customer service.

Personal Life

David Gulian has an illustrious career in the mobile technology sector. He founded InfoLogix, which was later sold to Stanley Black & Decker in 2011.

Now as CEO of Futura Mobility, he is expanding their health-care offerings with new telemedicine solutions that enable doctors and patients at community hospitals to connect virtually with neurologists in real time. This technology is proving revolutionary for those suffering from stroke.

Due to his extensive expertise, he has earned recognition as an authoritative voice in this field. Additionally, he was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and Global Consulting Practice’s Entrepreneur of the Year finalist for 2014. Today, he continues to lead Futura Mobility alongside his wife Janet.

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