David Hing

A Profile of David Hing

David Hing is an acclaimed entrepreneur, philanthropist, and collector of rare cars. In addition to running his successful business ventures and sitting on the board for USC Marshall School of Business – Hing has an active interest in collecting rare automobiles as a passion.

He transformed his father’s jade import business into one of America’s premier luxury watch retailers and maintains an array of investments including real estate and car dealerships.

Early Life and Education

David was an ambitious and successful man. According to biblical accounts of his career, David was an ardent follower of Yahweh with an ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances for short-term gain while making sure that his conduct served persistent and long-term aims.

He is a frequent public speaker on issues pertaining to citizenship and civic engagement, co-authored a book on cultural pluralism and immigration law, was co-counsel in a groundbreaking U.S. Supreme Court asylum case, and helped found the Immigrant Legal Resource Center of San Francisco.

He is also an entrepreneur; he established an endowment at Flintridge Preparatory School to foster leadership development, and in 2014 Sing Tao Media honored him as one of the top Philanthropists under 35. Additionally, he serves on the Board of SPARC and actively donates to numerous community groups.

Professional Career

David Hing has built an esteemed career as a corporate lawyer. As Director at Resolve Litigation Lawyers and with significant litigation experience for both high-profile clients as well as other cases such as commercial disputes, intellectual property and insolvency matters.

He owns an impressive collection of exotic cars and operates Collectible Exotic Motors company to sell them. Additionally, he’s involved in Moonshine Sweet Tea and Monza Design Company businesses.

Hung for the Holidays sold only 35,000 copies while Miracle: Summer from William Hung sold just 7,000. William has appeared on several television programs such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Entertainment Tonight, George Lopez Show Howard Stern Show Dateline NBC to name just a few.

Achievement and Honors

At the 2013 UCLA Engineering Alumni Awards, Mong was recognized as Alumnus of the Year. His family’s Shun Hing Group donated $5 Million to UCLA Engineering which will go toward creating a cutting-edge classroom building named in his honor for Engineering VI.

Mong Motor Group owns and distributes Monza Design cars, as well as being a premier provider of fine watch retailing services. Their two San Gabriel Valley locations are recognized as some of the premier luxury watch stores nationwide.

Personal Life

David HWL possesses a wide array of personal interests and is also a strong proponent for community causes. He currently sits on the board at Flintridge Preparatory School as well as several charitable organizations.

His appearances include The Howard Stern Show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Entertainment Tonight as well as films and television shows such as Celebrity Deathmatch and The Fairly OddParents.

In 1990, Hing Wa Lee Jewelers under his father’s stewardship transformed from wholesale to high-end retail jewelry business, becoming one of the premier watch dealers in America, carrying Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Cartier among other luxury brands.

Net Worth

David Hing has traveled a long and winding road to reach where he is today. Beginning his journey at such an early age, it took hard work and many accolades in order to reach success – becoming a renowned figure across the world in the process.

His net worth is considerable and his investments include numerous holdings. As the Chairman and CEO of Hing Wa Lee Group – which manages jewelry store as well as other businesses including real estate investments – he oversees managing his family business; managing over 50 Ferrari cars within his collection as a collector with an impressive social media following of over 1.1 Million followers on ferraricollector_davidlee Instagram account alone!

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