David Hockersmith

David Hockersmith

Dave Hockersmith is an industry leader and pioneer in using technology to streamline transportation programs. As founder and CEO of Trans-Soft Inc., a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company that offers data center hosting and software application development services to the transportation sector, Dave has made significant contributions.

Early Life and Education

David Hockersmith was born on August 12th 1785 in Maryland to Conrad Edward Hockersmith and Eva Rice.

On January 15th 1804 in Kentucky, he wed Debitha Hockersmith (born Rutherford).

They had eight children: Newton J, Delora Orell, Mahulda Zimmerman, David Jefferson, Sara Jeanette, Decatur Hockersmith and Leonard Paul.

On March 1907, she passed away in Iowa and was interred at Mount Moriah Cemetery.

He is survived by his daughters Trisha Taylor of Cambridge City and Heather Davis of Greensburg; 7 grandchildren. Additionally, he is survived by his wife Carleene Collins and her 3 daughters.

Professional Career

David Hockersmith rose to become the leader of a drug trafficking organization in Louisville, Kentucky that included Glenn Hughes, Curtis and Tammy Hockersmith, James and Michael Hockersmith, as well as others.

The group was found guilty of drug distribution and conspiracy to distribute cocaine between 1979 and 1989. The government’s evidence focused on the organization, the drugs it distributed, and David Hockersmith’s role as its leader.

Zeman contends the government relied too heavily on Zeman’s connection to criminal activity and association with the Hockersmith family rather than on actual guilt of the crime. Specifically, Zeman contends Ashcraft’s and Noble’s testimony regarding the organization and its activities were excessively long; efforts made by the government to present him as a “guilty by association” were improper, and the jury should have been instructed solely on Zeman’s guilt of obstructing justice.

Achievements and Honors

David Hockersmith is an award-winning architect with a flair for design and plenty of luck. His designs have delighted clients across America with their creative and tasteful touches, from large architectural projects to residential single family homes. His portfolio showcases his talent and skill at work.

For an impressive project or program, look no further than the Aerospace Education Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here visitors can explore America’s history of aviation and space exploration through stunning exhibits that are both impressive and interactive. What truly sets this museum apart is its extensive collection of historical artifacts which will remain on display for years to come. Hockersmith and her staff of highly trained specialists have been instrumental in its success – truly making it stand out from competitors!

Personal Life

David Hockersmith’s personal life was filled with family. He was an adoring husband and father to his children, as well as a faithful friend to those in his professional circle.

He was an enthusiastic golfer and sportsman. Most importantly, he loved spending time with his grandchildren and felt privileged to be a part of their lives.

His personal life was not without controversy, however. In 1989, Robert Zeman, his attorney, was found guilty of conspiring to corruptly prevent an employee of Hockersmith from testifying against him.

At trial, Zeman testified that he and Hockersmith discussed whether to pay Hughes five or ten thousand dollars to keep him quiet about the cocaine found in his car. In return, Zeman promised not to incriminate Hughes. Ultimately, the court determined Zeman violated 18 U.S.C. SSSS 371 and 1512(b) (1) which prohibit conspiring to obstruct justice.

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