David Howson

David Howson

David Howson is President of Cboe Global Markets. He leads their global teams in creating an inclusive and trustworthy global marketplace that offers leading products, technology and data solutions so participants can shape a secure financial future.

Prior to joining Cboe in 2017, he served as President, Europe at Bats. In this role, he oversaw the development and execution of key European business initiatives, including the launch of Cboe Europe Derivatives platform.

Early Life and Education

Early in life, children explore their environment through various means. These experiences shape their cognitive and social development, as well as teaching them valuable emotional lessons like self-assurance and positive self-belief.

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Professional Career

Howson has had a remarkable career in sports, culminating with his appointment as President of the American Hockey League. He replaced Dave Andrews, who had led the AHL for 26 years.

Howson manages to carve out time for his children despite his hectic schedule. He ensures they get quality time together and is constantly encouraging them to be active.

He also takes them to various sporting events and demonstrates the value of being part of a team. He encourages them to believe that anything is achievable if they put in effort and effort.

He also works on campus to promote art as a career option, creating two new courses – AA-201 “Foundations of Arts Administration” and AA-221 “Philanthropy and the Arts” – as minors in arts administration.

Achievements and Honors

David Howson is an industry pioneer who has made a lasting impact on safety in the offshore helicopter sector. For three decades, he has tirelessly promoted and implemented safety improvements while spearheading an extensive research initiative.

As Chief Operating Officer at Bats Europe, he is responsible for technology, infrastructure, software engineering and operations. He has spearheaded a number of groundbreaking initiatives across the company portfolio, such as Cboe Europe Derivatives’ launch.

He is a widely recognized and esteemed leader in the financial services industry. He has served as advisor to both the European Commission’s High Level Forum on Capital Markets Union and Consultative Working Group of ESMA’s Secondary Markets Standing Committee, lending his expertise in market structure to numerous industry groups.

Personal Life

David Howson is a father to three children. To instill in his children the value of teamwork, he encourages them to join various sports events.

He enjoys hunting as well, taking clay pigeons at Black Horse Farm north of the village and hunting pheasant and partridge at Marton cum Grafton.

Howson is a renowned painter of figurative religious art. His works can be found in multiple museums around Scotland, such as the National Gallery of Scotland and Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew in Glasgow.

He is a member of the New Glasgow Boys, an artistic collective formed around Sandy Moffat in the 1980s. In 2000 he made a spiritual transformation after receiving treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

Net Worth

David Howson has a net worth of $601K. As President at Accelr8 Technology Corp, he owns 301,200 shares of the company’s common stock and has not engaged in any insider transactions over the past 18 months.

Howson is a prominent figure in Australia’s entertainment industry and has written several stage musicals. He co-wrote The Legend of the Wild One and Dusty Springfield: Dusty – The Original Pop Diva for Network Ten’s Good Morning Australia and 3AW respectively, as well as being an occasional guest on radio programs under his nickname “Hollywood Howson.” Additionally, Howson serves as an on-air commentator for many Melbourne radio programs and has featured in many film productions.

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