David Hyslop

David Hyslop is an Arts Administration Consultant

David Hyslop has a distinguished career in the arts, culminating in 32 years as CEO of the Minnesota Orchestra. Since then, he has become an arts administration consultant.

He has conducted executive searches for numerous symphonies across America and created strategic plans and development feasibility studies.

Early Life and Education

David Hyslop was raised in Scotland and attended Cambusnethan Primary School. Later, he went on to pursue a long career as a parish priest at Maryhill High.

He was an influential industrial chaplain for Newby Ironworks in Glasgow and served as a chaplain at Glasgow University Chapel.

From the history of early childhood education, four themes emerge: social reform, childhood importance, transmitting values and professionalism.

Erikson’s theory of development plays an integral role in this. His model helps educators and parents comprehend how children construct their identities throughout various life stages.

Professional Career

Hyslop has been in the arts management industry for more than 32 years, serving as CEO of three of America’s premier symphony orchestras.

He has also provided consulting services to arts organizations throughout America, specializing in strategic planning, fundraising and executive coaching.

He currently serves as interim executive director of the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.

He has held interim positions at the Dallas Symphony, Tulsa Symphony and West Virginia Symphony as well as being on the boards of numerous organizations.

Achievements and Honors

David Hyslop has been an integral member of his community for more than four decades. Throughout that time, he has volunteered at numerous organizations and became an advocate for those with disabilities.

His accomplishments include being one of West Virginia’s first graduates to receive the Dave Shultz High School Excellence Award (DSHSEA), an accolade which he has proudly held onto for many years.

Another significant accomplishment was the construction of Weber State University’s state-of-the-art track and field facility – one of the largest in America. This complex boasts several top-of-the-line athletic facilities as well as an impressive track and field team, thanks to David’s vision and leadership.

Personal Life

David Hyslop was raised in Schenectady, New York as a trumpet player. However, by his sophomore year at Ithaca College he had failed out of trumpet class and decided to pursue other interests instead.

He spent many years working in music administration, serving as president and CEO of three top symphony orchestras. After retiring from his position with the Minnesota Orchestra, he began consulting with arts organizations across America.

He has conducted executive searches, assisted arts organizations in creating strategic plans and conducting development feasibility studies, as well as acting as an executive coach.

Net Worth

David Hyslop is an accomplished executive in arts management with experience running three major symphonies. As president and CEO of the Minnesota Orchestra Association, he had oversight over both their orchestra as well as Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

He served as conductor for both the Oregon Symphony (1972-1978) and St. Louis Symphony from 1978 until 1990.

Hyslop has held leadership roles at Canton Symphony and Sun Valley Summer Symphony as well as consulting projects relating to arts education such as executive search assignments for Canton Symphony, Houston Symphony, Santa Fe Opera and West Virginia Symphony Orchestra endowment campaigns. Furthermore, he conducted strategic planning and development feasibility studies for Wheaton Grand Theater (Illinois) redevelopment plans.

Hyslop’s net worth is estimated to be over $4 Million as of 2020. He holds approximately 19,384 shares of Boeing Co stock.

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