David Keyser

David Keyser

David Keyser is an acclaimed painter. His paintings have been displayed at galleries worldwide.

His work is often distinguished by its use of atmospheric stains or thick layers of paint that create ambiguous spatial depth, as well as mechanical precision achieved through carefully painting even the slightest edge or line.

Early Life and Education

David Keyser was born November 23rd 1938 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Malcolm A (Bud) and Virginia Keyser.

He attended Olympus High School before going on to serve in the United States Coast Guard, developing an unparalleled passion for sailing while forging lasting friendships along his voyages.

He then joined the Marine Corps, joining Huntsville’s Second Battalion 14th Marines at Huntsville Alabama before beginning training at Camp Lejeune on Thursday. Unfortunately, on his way there he was tragically killed in a traffic accident near Madison Alabama and his funeral is being planned for Friday in Saratoga – please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, or make memorial gifts in his name to Westminster College’s Keyser-Hoagland Family Scholarship (1840 South, 1300 East Salt Lake City Utah 84105)

Professional Career

David Keyser has had a passion for architecture since he was 4 years old. Over his professional life he has left his stamp on everything from commercial buildings and public spaces to residential and educational projects of various types. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources and selecting fixtures specifically tailored for each project. Working with small agile firms often allows David to stay hands-on throughout each stage of construction process.

David Keyser is known for his many design and leadership roles, as well as being a dedicated family man who takes great pleasure in serving his community. Living in Midland with his wife and three children, some of the most rewarding moments in his life come from moments spent with his kids or with Bailey the dog.

Achievement and Honors

David Keyser was an esteemed businessman, banker, and community volunteer. He earned widespread acclaim throughout Western United States for his integrity and perseverance – his legacy stands as proof.

He held memberships in several organizations such as the American Legion, Knights of Pythias, Elks, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Amvets and DeLand Chamber of Commerce/West Virginia Farm Bureau.

Potomac State College awarded him his Associate of Arts degree, while West Virginia University conferred on him his Bachelor of Science degree. West Virginia University honored him with Charter Membership into their Aerospace Engineering Department Academy of Distinguished Alumni as well as their Legion of Honor at Keyser High School, while NASA awarded them their Distinguished Public Service Medal. Since 1990 he has also served on their Aerospace Engineering Advisory Committee at WVU.

Personal Life

David de Keyser was an English actor and narrator born 22 August 1927 who died 20 February 2021.

He appeared on over ninety television shows throughout his career and made many contributions in his field, such as voice acting for Doctor Who story The Eleventh Hour as Atraxi and cybermen in The Eternity Clock video game.

He would spend much of his free time sailing the San Juan Islands in Washington State where he developed friendships and found great enjoyment from being out on the sea. Additionally, he was an active supporter of Seattle’s Center of Wooden Boats while also traveling and camping regularly.

Net Worth

David Keyser has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Most of his wealth came from acting, where he remains actively involved.

David is a director for Lantern Pharma Inc and earns an estimated annual income of $82,385. Additionally, he received a bonus award of $10,501 as well as having an option award worth $574,722 annually.

D Jeffrey Keyser owns at least 10,000 units of Lantern Pharma stock and has made at least one trade since 2020 – his largest transaction being an purchase of 10,000 units on 11 June for over $150K.

Estimating his net worth at $5 Million, he is also the director of Lantern Pharma Inc and remains active in sports industry activities as both former baseball player and director.

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